Unleashing human potential

The dignity of work is profound. It empowers and inspires people—and is the foundation of economic stability and national prosperity.

Empowering people for the future of work

The world of work is evolving fast. From the impact of intelligent technologies to emerging models of employment, change is disrupting the workforce, the economy and society as a whole.

Now is the time for government to get ahead of this change and shape the future of work—starting with the public service workforce. By empowering people with the right capabilities, agencies can improve their performance for the government—and for the citizens of Australia.

Transformation demands a comprehensive workforce strategy based on long-term trends. It must support new approaches to workforce planning and talent development and inclusive environments with meaningful work and career growth.

When government takes the lead here, profound change can become positive opportunity for everyone—across all sectors, and whether they are employed full-time, job hunting or semi-retired. The ambition? For all people to feel empowered, fulfilled, secure—and prepared for the future of work.

Building a relevant, adaptive & flexible workforce

Success requires a focus on the fundamentals. Who is doing what work? How, when, where and why is it done? How is it led and supported? There are four key elements for identifying gaps and opportunities that will unleash human potential.

Inclusion and diversity

Attract and retain a diverse workforce and cultivate an inclusive environment where people harness their unique skills to produce outcomes.

Workforce culture

Develop the culture and leadership skills to create a high performing organisation that strengthens the agency’s capacity.

Intelligent HR

Reimagine workforce planning so that it is people-focused, data-powered and integrated to support both workforce and agency goals.

Human power

Empower people to achieve more by using technology to release trapped value; give them the tools, skills and support to realise their true potential.

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Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity go hand and hand—and together they are essential to the future of work in the public sector and beyond.

An inclusive environment welcomes differences. All people feel valued, respected, involved and heard. And everyone has a positive experience. Diversity is all the many ways in which people are different—and unique. Government agencies can attract and retain a workforce as diverse as the wider community. This is key in a competitive labour market.

Harnessing the power of diversity requires inclusion. Creating an inclusive culture that supports diversity is not just the right thing to do. It is a force of transformation. By welcoming outsiders, empowering people to be their authentic selves and by bringing together different experiences and ideas, organisations can become more creative, innovative and productive. They also grow their range of skills and insights. This is not about hitting targets. It is good for people, and good for outcomes.

Workplace culture

Culture grounds the government workplace. It lives in policies, physical spaces and behaviours. Yet cultures and leadership models must evolve for agencies to evaluate performance, strengthen capacity and align and motivate the workforce amid technology, market and workforce changes.

James Cook University, students and Accenture team up to formulate a new microservices liquid workforce.

The story of how one agency took the brakes off of creativity to deliver world-class citizen experiences.

How can leaders encourage innovation? The best minds matter. But so does creating an innovation culture.

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Intelligent HR

The old model of HR is out of touch. This is why government agencies need a new kind of HR organisation—Intelligent HR. It is digitally-savvy, data-fluent, people-inspired and always focused on the future.

What does Intelligent HR look like in practice? It has an integrated core—an operating model that makes the organisation capable of understanding trends and building people’s capabilities to improve agency performance. It blends HR applications and functions like strategy development and workforce planning into the fabric of how the agency works. And it creates superior employee experiences that fulfill people’s desire for meaningful work and growth opportunities.

All this not only transforms performance and productivity, it attracts, trains and retains talent in a competitive labour market. Intelligent HR goes beyond HR as a back-office function. It is HR as the lifeblood of the organisation.

Human power

Machines and intelligent technology in the government workplace are here to stay. The challenge for agencies is not the technology. It is how they empower their people with technology—enabling them to do more meaningful work.

To deliver the mission, tomorrow’s police forces will be more agile, proactive and partner in new ways.

A fresh approach to taking customer calls transforms experiences for taxpayers—and the workforce.

Magic happens at the intersection of intelligent technology and human skills. Here’s how to capture it.

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