The new border agency

The future for border agencies is more collaborative, connected and intelligent than ever before.

The intelligent border agency unleashed

The expansion of trade and increased migration has placed the world’s borders under enormous pressure. Approximately 3.2 percent of the world’s population are international migrants, while the volume of trade is set to nearly double by 2030.

Managing the growth in people and goods crossing borders is a major challenge for border agencies, yet they also face pressure to meet growing expectations. Stakeholders now expect watertight security and a frictionless border experience, all while agencies face a global reduction in investment.

The implementation of intelligent automation processes will help border agencies reduce costs and make borders more efficient and secure. Yet while agencies are aware of the potential of technology to improve their work, only a minority have integrated it into their processes. This will have to change if they are to meet the significant challenges they face.

Accenture Public Service - the New Border Agency

Accenture's video shares implications of our Technology Vision 2017 for those working in the border services ecosystem—immigration, transportation, borders and customs. See more.

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Untangling red tape to EnterFinland

Border management and immigration are some of the most impactful trends affecting the modern world. Since 2010, on average 22,000 people have applied for their first residence permit in Finland annually—around half of them to study or work. With immigration services often creating “first impressions” of a country, the Finnish Immigration Service, known as Migri, wanted to make the process of immigration as intuitive as possible and offer concrete support to people dealing with immigration complexities.

Helping to develop a new border management and immigration eService.

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