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Empowering the public sector to transform through innovative technologies and agile capabilities.

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Public service experience through a new lens

Lead with impact

Now more than ever, the public sector must balance the stability of service delivery with the speed to react to citizens’ changing needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to be successful.

We combine human ingenuity, technology and a delivery-focused culture to enable leaders across public sector organisations to turn ambition into action. By maximising the value of existing investments and expertise, we help build the foundations of material improvement that delivers sustainable value for citizens and creates lasting capability within government.

The result is more agile government, with services that respond to individual needs, empowered civil service teams that are ready for anything and an efficient technology infrastructure that can scale rapidly.

This is how we help lead with impact and make the most out of every opportunity.

Dan Sheils, Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Public Service Lead, Europe
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Public Service

Future borders 2030: From vision to reality

Advance your mission

Cloud and digital platforms

Public service organisations embrace cloud to enable and accelerate innovation, intelligence and value. 

Outcomes-focused service delivery

Rethinking citizen service delivery by bringing together service design, technology, and insights into public service to deliver better experiences and outcomes.

Workforce for a new era of Public Service

Reimagine skilling, talent and operational models to build a resilient workforce that can meet citizens’ evolving needs.

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Work that matters

Work That Matters

Embracing the opportunities that change brings

Case studies

Malaysia’s national post embraces data to reduce emissions, cut waste and modernize its workforce.

How USA for UNHCR found clarity on the cloud.

Accenture helped San Diego County reimagine caseworker training with virtual reality.

Accenture helped Singapore's Central Provident Fund Board transform their digital social security services.

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Delivering social value

How we think about impact is important. It needs to be inclusive and it needs to be about success for our clients, our people, the UK and the world as a whole.

Achieving this goal will mean combining human ingenuity and the power of technology in innovative ways to build solutions that create social value. We strive every day to deliver this impact. Not as a separate agenda, but as part of business as usual.

These are the stories of how we have been doing it in the UK.

How we’re delivering on our commitments to our people, UK communities and the planet.

What we think

Discover three trends that can create effective and frictionless borders enabling prosperity and security.

Improve public service workers experiences by creating a future of work that’s more equitable.

The continuum of technology and experience reshaping business.

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Meet our lead

The public sector is changing. New citizen demands, societal pressures and technologies are emerging at pace. Our mission is to work with government to embrace this change and deliver better, inclusive services for all.

Mark Jennings

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, UK and Ireland

Hear from our experts

Meet our subject-matter experts and get their insight on the most pressing issues facing the public sector.

Protecting and serving in the metaverse continuum

The metaverse is reinventing how public safety organizations operate, interact with citizens and deliver services.

Building the social workforce of tomorrow

Socio-economic conditions are leading to rising inequality and an uneven distribution of resources; more social jobs are needed to meet demand.

As metaverse takes shape, does public service fit?

The time for public service to explore opportunities in the metaverse is now.

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