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Client stories

A second chance for coral

ReefCloud: Diving into deep learning to protect coral reefs

The value we create

Property transactions made simple and secure

Accenture collaborated with Property Exchange Australia Ltd (PEXA) to implement DevOps to improve its speed of delivery & reduce cost of provisioning.

Safety in numbers

How license plates and a provocative outreach campaign accelerated an airbag recall.

Keeping the COVID-19 blues in check

Equipping Australia with a Coronavirus dedicated mental wellbeing support service.

The ultimate myBuddy system

How Australian born automation tool is building human connections around the world.

Creating generational change

How ABCN are crossing the digital divide to address social disadvantage.

Global fund manager future proofs growth

Accenture deploys the superior functionality of Workday Financial Management ensuring a pivot to a more transparent, consistent operation.
Accenture in Australia

We're working to improve the lives of Australians.

Get to know our talented team

How I helped extend ABCN’s network of hope

I led the design team working with ABCN to take its life-changing mentoring programs online, helping disadvantaged young people exceed their potential. Read more.

My innovation journey

My team created myBuddy, an intelligent automation tool solving engagement and productivity challenges around the world, especially during crisis’s. Read more.

Empowering small businesses

How I helped give Australia’s small businesses a fairer go. Read more.