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Tech Vision for higher education

Technology Vision for Higher Education

Welcome to the “Metaverse Continuum” – a spectrum of digitally-enhanced worlds, realities, and business models poised to revolutionize life and learning in the next decade.  The world of seamless virtual and physical realities is coming sooner than we think, and higher education leaders need to start thinking today about what they need to do to get prepared. For more than 20 years, Accenture has developed the Technology Vision research report to identify emerging technology trends that will have the greatest impact on companies, government agencies and other organizations in the coming years.

Case studies

The university transformed its HR and workforce experience, replacing manual processes and three legacy applications with a single Workday app.

University of Cincinnati redesigns the student journey to maximize the moments that matter to them.

The Austrian school Ministry turned to Accenture to create a single digital schooling platform that was hosted in the cloud for optimum performance.

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Accenture’s Fjord Trends 2022 identifies five major emerging trends and challenges that have significant implications for the year ahead.

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