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Metaverse Continuum

Enter a new era of digital change


Check out Accenture’s highlights at Dreamforce 2022

How we help our clients

Case studies

Mars digital factory journey

Digital transformation starts with connected workers

Accenture worked with Petrofac to develop one of the energy industry’s first...

The Nth Floor: Going beyond with extended reality

Transforming how we work: Accenture’s own enterprise application of the metaverse, bringing teams together to learn and collaborate.

H&M Foundation: Sustainable fashion innovation

Changing which products and services are provided: We helped H&M foundation develop and launch a virtual collection.

How Kellogg’s perfected product placement with VR

Changing how business is done: Accenture teamed Kellogg's on a VR solution to transform how retailers conduct merchandising market research.

Safe, engaging and effective training with VR

Changing how people learn: We worked with a major utility company using virtual reality (VR) to provide safe and effective training.

A new chapter of interactive audience engagement

Transforming how businesses interact with customers: We helped Disney personalize the movie experience with an interactive digital poster.

Transportation of the future: Hardt Hyperloop

Building new products and services: We worked with Hardt Hyperloop to create a physical and augmented reality interior of the hyperloop.

Augmented for surgical success—a reality now

Changing how healthcare is provided: We helped Christus Muguerza Hospital Conchita pioneer augmented reality in the operating room.

Caseworker training reimagined

Creating new ways to learn:  We’re taking case workers down new AVEnueS for improved training.

The new fabric of life is unfolding.

Watch Metaverse insights

Metaverse in the news


CNBC: Using the metaverse to onboard employees

CEO Julie Sweet at 2022 World Economic Forum on how the company is using the metaverse to onboard 150,000 new company employees throughout the year.


CBS News: Metaverse will reshape work

Paul Daugherty speaks to CBS News on how the metaverse is changing business.


Fortune: Nth floor reshapes employee experiences

Allison Horn discusses Accenture’s journey in creating its enterprise metaverse, the Nth floor.


Bloomberg TV: Accenture enters the metaverse race

Paul Daugherty explains Accenture’s Metaverse Continuum.


Metaverse experience


Patents filed across the Metaverse Continuum.


Metaverse-related pilots and proof-of-concepts conducted in Accenture Labs.


New hires will be learning in the metaverse on their first day at Accenture.

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Mark Curtis

Global Sustainability and Thought Leadership Lead – Accenture Song

David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Innovation Incubation Group Lead

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