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The high tech cloud imperative

June 4, 2021


In brief

State of cloud in the high tech industry today

Cloud is changing product roadmaps

With more executives investing in cloud solutions it is forcing companies to re-evaluate their roadmaps to include additional cloud product offerings.

New challenges & opportunities in the marketplace

High Tech providers should think about alternate ways to deliver their services to customers such as, as-a-Service subscription models.

Operational improvements

Lighten the load of technical talent by improving the delivery and economics of IT services to focus on value-added projects.

The value case for cloud now

Source: Accenture analysis 2021

Moving to action


Evaluate applications, workloads and assets to understand their baseline. What do these assets accomplish, how effective are they and how much does it cost?

Formulate a strategy

In order to realize ROI and measure potential cost savings, the cloud migration should follow of well-structured roadmap that includes business goals and services strategy.

Rationalize applications

Understand which applications should be re-platformed, re-factored or re-formatted into an as-a-Service platform. Deploy cloud to legacy applications that should be rebuilt.


Involve the talent in your cloud transformation in terms of organizational structure, personnel and mindset. It's not just shifting workloads, it's shifting corporate culture.

Jason Mitchell

Managing Director – High Tech, Cloud, Global

Jason focuses on helping clients unlock business value by leveraging the flexibility and speed to market of the cloud.

Chetna Sehgal

Global Capability & Delivery Lead – Accenture Google Business Group

Chetna is accountable for all CMT West Technology work and is the Technology Lead for North American High Tech Industry Network.

Eric Brown


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