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Accenture is a trusted, innovative, comprehensive, and experienced partner to leading platform companies. The Trust and Safety offering within Accenture Operations helps keep the internet safe and helps platform companies accelerate, scale, and improve their businesses. 


You will be responsible for leading a team of Content Moderators whose role is analyzing and reviewing user profiles, audio, videos, and text-based content and/or investigating, escalating and/or resolving issues that are reported by users or flagged by the system. Due to the nature of the role, the individual and you may be exposed to flashing lights or contrasting light and dark patterns. 

Content moderation is meaningful work that helps keep the internet safe. It may also be challenging, at times. In the context of this role, individuals may be directly or inadvertently exposed to potentially objectionable and sensitive content (e.g., graphic, violent, sexual, or egregious). Therefore, any role supporting content moderation needs strong resilience and coping skills. We care for the health and well-being of our people and provide the support and resources needed to perform their role responsibilities. Active participation in Accenture’s well-being support program, designed specifically for the Trust & Safety community, provides valuable skills to promote individual and collective well-being.  

Job Purpose:

As a Team Lead, you will be: 

  • The purpose of the job is to handle the team of Reviewers, provide coaching/feedback based on the performance/career growth. A Team Leader oversees a team size ~25 employees and motivates them to do their job efficiently to have optimum performance in the process. Provide objectives, develop reward systems to recognize and appreciate good performance which motivates employees. Assign all work schedules and commit the team to deliver, manage the quality of the work and drive the people management activities within the team. Ensure all Governance check points are adhered. Note- The reported content could be sensitive or of graphic nature. 


Your role requires the following responsibilities  

  • Conducting Huddles: Lead daily Pre-Shift and Post-Shift meetings to discuss Performance, Process updates, and Organizational initiatives. 

  • Task Management Guidance: Provide daily guidance to team members on how to efficiently manage their day-to-day tasks. 

  • SLA and KPI Achievement: Lead the team to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)/ Critical Performance Indicators (CPIs) defined by the process and the client. 

  • Performance Reviews: Conduct regular performance reviews (Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly) for the entire team and implement Corrective Action Plans or Performance Improvement Plans as needed. 

  • Training and Quality Coordination: Collaborate with the training team to identify Training Needs (TNI) and Assessments (TNA) and develop training plans for the team. Work with Quality Analysts to identify areas of improvement and process gaps, ensuring corrective actions are taken. 

  • SOPs and Documentation: Create/ Manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and process documentation for all client deliverables. Partake in the knowledge dissemination process. 

  • Individual Connects: Hold regular one-on-one meetings with team members to understand their performance, grievances, career aspirations, and interests, providing coaching and support accordingly. 

  • Performance Reporting:  

  • Reporting: Provide insights and data for Weekly Business Review (WBR) and Monthly Business Review (MBR) presentations. Publish performance reports on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis. 

  • Leave Management: Implement a planned approach for managing team shrinkage through a Leave management system.  

  • Attendance Tracking: Accurately track team attendance for billing purposes. 

  • Time Sheet Validation: Validate team time sheets fortnightly with 100% accuracy. 

  • Security and Data Protection: Ensure adherence to all security and client data protection measures and guide the team in following required protocols. 



  • The following skills are required to perform this role- 

  • Resilience: 

  • Strong coping, emotional resilience, and stress-management skills 

  • Ability to perform duties objectively, devoid of inherent biases or personal beliefs, in the best interest of client policies. 

  • Strong knowledge of content policies, community guidelines, and online safety practices 

  • Leadership and Management Skills: 

  • Strong leadership qualities to guide and motivate team members. 

  • Ability to delegate tasks effectively and manage workloads. 

  • Decision-making skills to resolve conflicts and make tough choices. 

  • Time management and organizational skills to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. 

  • Communication Skills: 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to convey information clearly and concisely. 

  • Active listening skills to understand team members' concerns and provide effective feedback. 

  • Problem-solving and Critical Thinking: 

  • Analytical skills to identify issues, assess situations, and find practical solutions. 

  • Ability to think critically and make informed decisions under pressure. 

  • Performance Management: 

  • Skill in setting performance goals and monitoring team members' progress. 

  • Capacity to provide constructive feedback and coach team members for improvement. 

  • Ability to conduct performance evaluations and implement performance improvement plans. 

  • Technical / Domain Proficiency:  

  • Strong understanding of the relevant business process and industry-specific tools. 

  • Proficiency in using software and systems necessary for team operations. 

  • Ability to analyze data and generate meaningful insights to drive performance improvements. 

  • Conflict Resolution: 

  • Capability to manage conflicts within the team and mediate disputes. 

  • Skill in maintaining professionalism and promoting harmony in challenging situations. 

  • Adaptability and Flexibility: 

  • Openness to change and ability to adapt to evolving business requirements. 

  • Flexibility to manage unexpected challenges and adjust plans accordingly. 

  • Client and Stakeholder Management: 

  • Strong interpersonal skills to interact with clients and stakeholders. 

  • Ability to understand client expectations and manage relationships effectively. 

  • Attention to Detail: 

  • Thoroughness in reviewing and validating work for accuracy and quality. 

  • Ability to identify process gaps and areas for improvement. 

  • Ethical and Professional Conduct: 

  • Adherence to ethical standards and professionalism in all interactions. 

  • Commitment to maintaining confidentiality and data security. 

  • Emotional Intelligence: 

  • Awareness of and ability to manage emotions, both for oneself and when interacting with team members. 

Additional Skills- 

  • Be a team player and value cohesiveness. 

  • To step up in the absence of a Trainer/ QC’er. 

QUALIFICATIONS we are looking for:

  • Proven experience as a supervisor or relevant role for a minimum of 1 year

  • Problem solving attitude.

  • People skills capability (Active listening, Teamwork, Responsibility, Dependability, Leadership, Motivation, Flexibility, Patience, Empathy).

  • Flexibility to work in all shifts available in the project (Morning, Evening and night shift).

  • Good level of English for communication with all stakeholders – C1 Minimum Required

  • Intermediate knowledge of Excel.

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