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In brief

From short-term profitability to long-term value

A vision for the future

Source: Company Financial Statements, Accenture Research

Sell-side: Investment banking

The successful, value-creating investment bank of 2025 could be a global scale player or a niche specialist.

Buy-side: Asset & wealth management and private markets

Asset managers will be:

Leveraging data and analytics to gain an edge in the hunt for yield and alpha, while bending the cost curve and realizing operational efficiencies.

Wealth managers will be:

Creating a nimble, flexible, end-to-end digital model that delivers a simplified, cost-effective core operating model and a better client experience.

Private markets firms will be:

Enhancing and expediting the investment process while taking costs out of the firm, portfolio and holding companies.

Financial market infrastructure: Exchanges and asset servicing

The successful exchanges of 2025 will have adapted their business model to embrace digital transformation to get closer to their clients.

Creating the capital markets of tomorrow

About the Authors

Matthew Long

Senior Managing Director – Global Capital Markets Lead

Laurie McGraw

Managing Director – Capital Markets, North America Lead


Managing Director – Capital Markets, Growth Markets Lead

Soichiro Muto

Managing Director – Capital Markets, Growth Markets Lead

Nicholas Tilson

Managing Director – Capital Markets


Principal Director, Lead – Global Financial Services Research