AI makes it possible to extend human capabilities in ways that were once unimaginable. In addition to being a transformational technology, AI is a powerful economic engine. In fact, it’s already delivering results, including cost savings, increased productivity and more efficient use of the workforce. By some estimates, AI technologies could virtually double the rate of annual economic growth in 12 developed countries, including the United States, by 2035.

Combining AI with massive data sets, federal agencies can train machines to mimic human judgment and analytical skills. And they can use AI to transform the customer experience for greater personalization, more efficient service delivery and, ultimately, better mission outcomes.

Slaves to the algorithm

Fjord’s 2018 Trends point to three AI developments affecting citizen experience: The expanding role of data-driven algorithms, an evolution in voice-enabled digital assistants and users’ growing trust in both.

Customers are increasingly comfortable with algorithm-powered services and experiences, which can serve to strengthen relationships—or create barriers to engagement.

To succeed, organizations need to understand how algorithms can serve as gatekeepers. From there, they need to find new ways to educate and influence customers’ decisions and their customers’ chosen algorithms.

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Where AI is in play

Artificial intelligence is already deeply ingrained in the private sector. Now government agencies are increasingly using AI-enabled capabilities to address customer expectations. Here are just three examples:

  • 85% Improvement in customer satisfaction
    One large government finance agency has implemented digital assistants for customer service across phone, web, and email channels. Over a 16-month period, AI-supported call volume rose from 35 percent to 95 percent—enabling 80 percent of front-line staff to concentrate on higher-level, more intensive support.
  • Near-term cost savings of $35 million
    A leading North American bank developed a strategy for deploying intelligent automation across client channels. In just three months, it created an operation framework, built process models, and launched an AI Center of Excellence, identifying near-term tactical cost savings of $35 million.
  • Automated profiling for personalized experience
    A major international cruise line implemented a "customer genome" and now uses machine learning to engage customers and continually recommend the next best adventure. The result? A personalized customer experience at every touchpoint.

Start the journey

Ready to use AI to enhance citizen experience? Start with five steps for achieving sustainable success:

  1. Put humans at the center. Start with a design that is ethical, compliant, and responsible and that centers around people: Citizens/customers and workers.
  2. Develop an enterprise AI strategy. Develop an enterprise AI strategy that defines your long-term vision, road map and governance while delivering near-term value.
  3. Map user journeys and prioritize. Use service design to map user journeys into service blueprints that can help identify and prioritize AI opportunities.
  4. Keep goals in sight. Implement targeted solutions to help achieve your goals through intelligent automation, superior judgement and enhanced interaction.
  5. Never stop improving. Keep assessing strengths and weaknesses and continually address what you learn.

Maintenance to mission

AI is transforming organizations in ways not seen since the beginning of the Digital Revolution—fundamentally reinventing how they deliver, execute and perform. Implemented responsibly, AI will help amplify human thoughts and activity to improve how we live and work.

For the federal government, these technologies will accelerate decision making and free the workforce to focus on mission-critical, increasingly complex activities.

Ira Entis

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Growth & Strategy

Biniam Gebre

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Management Consulting Lead


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