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Anti-Money Laundering Senior Manager

Sede annuncio: Location Negotiable

Regional Description: Italy

Codice annuncio: 00640786

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Anti-Money Laundering Senior Manager



The Anti-Money Laundering Senior Manager will work with the Director of Anti-Money Laundering to support the design, implementation and management of Accenture's global anti-money laundering compliance program.

Key Responsibilities:

The Anti-Money Laundering Senior Manager will be expected to perform the following activities:

  1. Assist the Director of Anti-Money Laundering with managing day-to-day elements of Accenture’s anti-money laundering compliance program.
  2. As instructed by the Director of Anti-Money Laundering lead the design, recommendation and implementation of Accenture’s anti-money laundering compliance program initiatives and enhancements worldwide to meet business and legal requirements, including:

    a. risk assessments and risk profiles
    b. client due diligence processes and reviews
    c. computer-based and live training
    d. policies, procedures and internal controls
    e. corporate communications
    f. tools and metrics
  3. Support the design, recommendation and implementation of anti-money laundering compliance monitoring initiatives to help Accenture properly monitor and manage anti-money laundering risks and legal requirements.
  4. Provide advice on business opportunities that may carry anti-money laundering risks and requirements for Accenture through offerings reviews, contract negotiations, acquisition assessments and post-merger compliance planning.
  5. Monitor and staying current on anti-money laundering industry best practices, changes in laws and regulations, enforcement actions, and trends to be able to provide guidance and recommendations to senior leadership on Accenture’s efforts to mitigate its money laundering risks.
  6. Engage Outside Legal Counsel. The AML Senior Manager must be able to structure detailed instructions and review critically any advice received to ensure Accenture is receiving the best legal counsel possible and in a cost effective manner.
  7. Provide additional support and assume additional responsibilities as may be directed by the Director of Anti-Money Laundering to assist Accenture with promoting global compliance with money laundering laws and regulations.
  8. Operate in a cost effective manner consistent with relevant Accenture policies.
  • J.D. or equivalent law degree (based on geography)
  • Minimum of 7 years of relevant industry experience (e.g within Financial Institution, Law Firm or other In House Role) 
  • Knowledge and understanding of compliance & ethics framework for global corporations, and of global anti-money laundering and/or other financial crime (e.g. anticorruption) legal frameworks
  • Knowledge of Accenture’s business vision and strategy (or similar business strategy at another company if experienced hire)
  • Being able to assess risk and recommend action on a proportionate risk-based approach
  • Good judgment, an ability to prioritize and make decisions, and a high level of common sense
  • Ability to collaborate with team members and other peers within Legal
  • Strong writing and negotiation skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluent in English

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