Innovating Public Service

Technology is changing the world at an exponential rate. Public Service leaders need to innovate, but how do they achieve transformational success?

Ideate, innovate, scale

  • Innovation needs to be continuous. This means taking a new approach to cultivating ideas – inform, formulate, freeform, transform.
  • Innovative cultures need an ecosystem of passionate, diverse people who have an entrepreneurial mindset and are not afraid of failing.
  • Scaling an opportunity at speed relies on unique capabilities – moving from concept to production at scale needs discipline, structure and architecture.

Innovation is the new black

Learn more about the importance of blending different models to facilitate transformational innovation.

What are the steps to creating an innovative culture, and what value can it offer public service organisations?

Carl Ward explores what it takes to achieve scale – and how to move the innovation process from ideation to delivery.

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Innovation in government

Government innovation: Citizens value and want more of it. An Accenture survey of 590 government professionals across 10 countries found almost universal recognition of what citizens are asking of them. Yet just 8 percent of agencies in the study emerged as government innovation leaders.

What results are innovation leaders achieving? What are they doing that sets them apart? And, how can we apply their habits and behaviors to fuel innovation in other organisations?


of government executives see innovation as part of their day-to-day jobs.

Creating a culture of innovation

New ideas are needed to create new business models, improve customer experiences, and unlock value - scaling from idea to implementation at pace with certainty and managed risk.

Innovation needs to be continuous – this means taking a new approach to cultivating. Whilst new ideas may develop organically, technology leaders should convene creative thinkers and digital champions to create an innovation network that continuously develop and drive from ideation to prototype.

An innovative culture needs an ecosystem of passionate, diverse people who have an entrepreneurial mindset and are not afraid of failing. Creating an innovation agenda means rethinking the structure and approach, it is not the accountability of one person or group, but a process of discovering insight and co-creating future ideas by solving fundamental challenges in creative ways.

Scaling an opportunity at speed relies on a unique capabilities scale needs discipline, structure and architecture. A cross-capability team of industry, technology, experience, operational and organisational change expertise helping Public Service leaders move from pilot to production to achieve transformation.

Much like a Conductor, technology leads need to take a melody and make into a symphony.

Technology enabling innovation

Take a deeper dive into the challenges and opportunities transformational technologies are presenting to Public Service organizations.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is already transforming the private sector, but its enormous disruptive potential won’t stop there. See how AI is transforming public services.


It’s changing the future as we speak—but where do you start? Harness Blockchain with real-world applications in the public sector.

Internet of Things

A universe of linked devices, services and people is the key to a new era of competitiveness.

Extended Reality

Innovative companies are pioneering new applications of Extended Reality now. Are you ready to invent your organisation’s future reality?

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Innovation brought to life in the UK

Situated at the heart of one of the UK's most popular student cities, Manchester Metropolitan University has a driving ambition to discover and disseminate knowledge—and to make higher education accessible and beneficial to all with the passion and ability to succeed.

As a high-volume transactional provider the HR team was finding it difficult to handle the large volume of transactions, while also maintaining the quality of service that its customers deserved—too many resources were being devoted to basic process matters.

They decided to find new ways to increase the value of its people by doing things differently, and by taking the right steps, get more from its existing resources while also improving the quality of service and freeing up people for more value-creating activities.

Meeting the needs of Manchester Metropolitan University HR department with Robotic Process Automation

Transformation is more achievable than you think

Mark Jennings explores five lessons of innovation at scale as successful factors for organisations.

Virtual agents, built using artificial intelligence technology, can support taxpayers.

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What we think

Maximising AI’s potential requires a concerted effort by the GovTech ecosystem.

Reimagining the way that products and services are made, at scale, is never easy.

New and emerging technologies have always been important catalysts for change.

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Our leaders

Transforming public service

By leveraging our deep industry expertise and applying it to the specific challenges that public organisations face, we can deliver proven solutions, end-to-end. We’re infusing government with the fresh thinking it needs to give citizens what they want.

Modernising the Core

Evolving core operations, processes and systems whilst embedding innovation, leaders can deliver the services that citizens demand.

Truly human government

Truly human governments break down silos, build up capabilities and empower workforces to move from transactions to relationships with citizens.


We bring the insight, experience and delivery capabilities needed to help leaders bring Living Governments to life.

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