High impact public sector consulting

Rising consumer demands and private sector innovation continually cause disruption in public service delivery. Emerging technologies and platforms create new opportunities to transform, and the future workforce is both human and machine. Now is the time to reimagine the services offered and the citizen experience of tomorrow.

We have made it our mission to tackle the biggest challenges in the UK public sector. Accenture sits at the intersection of industry and technology, and our deep cross-industry experience coupled with data-driven insights infuse fresh thinking to solve your toughest problems. We can help you harness digital technologies to modernise, upskill your workforce, and drive more value from your resources—enabling you to transform delivery of services and improve the way the UK works and lives.

Whatever your priorities, we help you discover opportunities, define challenges, and turn innovative ideas into reality. So when the world moves, you’re ready to move with it.

Bringing new to your now

Across the UK, we’re collaborating with public sector organisations to meet these challenges. Our public sector consulting offerings are transforming service delivery and achieving high-impact outcomes.

Human + machine

Embrace the phenomenal rate of disruption in the future workforce. Analytics, automation, & AI will expand capacity, drive insights, & create value.

Citizen experience

Create simpler, more intuitive ways to engage those you serve, understand their needs and nurture strong relationships to optimise their experience.

Core Modernisation

Break away from old IT constraints, unlock value from legacy systems. Modernise for agility with emerging technologies to lead the innovation agenda.

Transformation Delivery Services

Deliver complex programmes with greater agility, transparency and insight. Unite the organisation to continuously adapt and deliver a common vision.

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Transform vision to reality

Adopt an agile, client-centric mindset

Upskill your workforce and redesign your thinking.

Leverage platforms & new partnerships

Work with disruptors to fast-track innovation.

Adapt continuously to stay relevant

Create a new “living government” to sustain progress.

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Powered by data

Our Data Driven Consulting (DDC) approach uses data and analytics to generate richer insights and discover new intelligence to power your transformation journey. We leverage multiple data sources, advanced techniques, visualisation approaches, and technology tools such as the Accenture Insights Platform (AIP) to power public sector consulting—to help you implement actions and realise measurable value, rapidly.

What we think

Case studies

A striking transformation for WMP helps victims of crime and the force while reducing operational costs through the use of innovative technologies.

Collaboration across the NHS enables better-integrated multidisciplinary care, and unlocks cost efficiencies and improves the patient journey.

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Awards and recognition

We are honoured to be recognised as a leader in public sector consulting. Learn more about our accomplishments.

Financial Times

Accenture tops UK’s Leading Management Consultants in the public sector

Most gold ratings 2019


GLOMO Award winner for VR training tool for child welfare caseworkers

MWC Barcelona 2019

Forrester Research

Accenture recognised as a leader in business transformation consultancy

Q3 2017

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We are a culture of diverse backgrounds; combining creative talent, business consulting, and technical expertise.

Lessons on innovation at scale

Are you making the most of the reduced time it takes to get from proposition to testing an idea? Mark Jennings discusses how to innovate at scale.

Citizen Services

The platform revolution in human services

Open innovation is critical to the Human Services as a Platform approach, helping agencies deliver better outcomes. Gaurav Gujral explains why.


Avoid the storm: what Europe needs to know to enact a new public services model

As European governments face pressure to deliver better outcomes, Gabriel Bellenger explores the next generation of public services.

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