Public services in the era of artificial intelligence

Health and public services in the era of artificial intelligence.

Public services powered by AI

AI is already transforming many areas within the private sector, but its enormous disruptive potential won’t stop there. The societal and economic innovations created by these technologies will soon have a very real presence in every industry—including the public sector.


Human and machine: AI in Public Service


The ethics of AI

The time is now

AI isn’t a technology of the future—it’s here now and can’t be put off until tomorrow. The sooner that government organizations embrace artificial intelligence, the sooner they will become more cost efficient and increase citizen satisfaction.


of senior public sector leaders say they are both able and willing to adopt intelligent technologies.


of public service executives say offering services through centralized platforms, assistants or messaging bots is important.


of students said they would be comfortable with AI on campus.

Conversational AI

Public safety organisations have an opportunity to transform the citizen experience.

As technology improves, organizations have the opportunity to create rewarding chatbot interactions.

The capability of AI outperforming humans in execution-level activities—but not in strategic thinking.

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Case studies

Virtual agents, built using artificial intelligence technology, can support taxpayers.

Meeting the needs of Manchester Metropolitan University HR with Robotic Process Automation.

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What we think

Our leaders

Transforming public service

Innovative Technologies

Driving technology use to tackle opportunities and challenges, prepare for change and create value.

Truly human government

Truly human governments empower workforces to move from transactions to relationships with citizens.

Modernizing the Core

Evolving core operations, processes and systems whilst embedding innovation, leaders can deliver the services that citizens demand.

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