In brief

In brief

  • Trends and opportunities in the post and parcel industry based on in-depth analysis we have undertaken for more than a decade.
  • New technologies and changing customer demands have seen a dramatic shift in the strategic priorities of all post and parcel players.
  • Digital transformation is a driver, and the impact is being felt in delivery demand and supply, returns, cross-border eCommerce and the USO.
  • Post and parcel organisations must improve the delivery experience while pivoting to new business models that reduce costs and realise growth.

Since 2006, we have outlined the trends and opportunities for postal players in a market that has seen more disruption than most. With ever-decreasing returns in its core mail business, the rapid take up of eCommerce and shifting customer expectations, post and parcel players have found it necessary to be flexible, adaptable, relevant and creative to keep pace with changing demands.

Here is a snapshot of the findings from the hot topics affecting every post and parcel organisation:

  • Seventy-five percent of post and parcel players saw a decline in operating margin in the last year—parcel delivery integrators are doing better than most.
  • Retail platforms are disrupting the value chain—and fulfilment and logistics offerings are driving change.
  • Sixty-six percent of retailers see growing eCommerce sales as a top priority—and scaling digital engagement is spawning the integrated marketplace retailer.
  • In response to rising delivery costs, postal operators are employing new operational models—in 2016, more than 90 percent of three different European postal organisations’ post offices were outsourced.
  • Small brands and retailers are exploring alternative models—73 percent of Gen Z shoppers are interested in monthly curated subscription programs for fashion products, sent directly to them.
  • We’re seeing a 2X growth in cross border activity which represents 29 percent CAGR in the cross-border eCommerce market.
  • With customers 3X more likely to return online purchases than those made in store, post and parcel organisations should aim to be the delivery partner of choice for retailers.

As the traditional post and parcel business model is upended, so postal players need to be clear on the consumer and market trends that are shaping their future. Going forward, post and parcel organisations must be prepared to not only embrace these changes, but also actively pivot their businesses to seize new revenue and growth opportunities.

Read through the following pages to gain an in-depth look at the hottest trends from our 2019 research.

Andre Pharand

Lead – Global Management Consulting, Post and Parcel


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