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Shifting gears for growth

Sparked by new technologies and changing customer behavior, we’re entering an industrial renaissance. As we look to the global post-pandemic recovery and beyond, a series of technological, macroeconomic, societal, and B2B customer trends are both accelerating and converging to create new challenges and opportunities—on an exponentially bigger scale.

Industrial companies cannot simply focus on a return to the pre-pandemic normal. The scale of the ambition needs to be much higher—shifting gears to enter a new phase of accelerated growth.

Sectors we serve

Engineering, construction, real estate services

Contractors, construction products, capital projects, infrastructures, property and facility management.

Consumer durables

Consumer products that do not have to be purchased frequently as they are made to last.

Freight and Logistics

Carriers (rail, road, air and ocean), integrators, freight forwarders/3PLs, ports and terminals. Read more.

Heavy equipment

Discrete manufacturing of large vehicles for the agriculture, mining, rail and construction sectors.

Industrial and electrical equipment

Manufacturers of industrial machinery and industrial products primarily sold to other B2B manufacturers.


Companies that manufacture goods or systems that are used in the production process of a vehicle or become part of a vehicle.

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We help Industrial Equipment companies digitally transform their business through smart, connected and living technologies, to become Industry X businesses.

What we think

Insights from our blog

What's reshaping the industrial sector? Learn more about the latest trends transforming the industry.

Electrify your industrial sales

Accenture’s Dave Allan explores just how transformative a digital sales agenda can be for industrial companies.

Accelerating growth in the industrial renaissance

Geoff Gibbins and Vinny Silva explain how industrial companies can renew growth post-COVID-19 by focusing on two factors: customers and talent.

Japan, China, India on their way to service success

Tadahiro Murakami discusses the success of some industrial companies offering new business services in Japan, China and India.

Case studies

Haier Europe collaborated with Accenture to help make its products smart and connected with Internet of Things.

Water treatment company gets new digital foundation for growth with SAP S/4HANA system.

Digitalization and standardization provide a cool blast of product design innovation.

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Industrial companies slow to react to rising demand for digital sales 

A new report from Accenture identifies five capabilities critical to building seamless digital customer journeys. 

Accenture helps Blueair add new services to its connected air purifiers

Accenture has delivered a new cloud-based internet of things (IoT) platform and digital manufacturing platform to Blueair.

CNH Industrial, Accenture and Microsoft collaborate to develop connected industrial vehicles

The five-year agreement involves the creation of a global digital hubs network to support CNH Industrial in enhancing its digital capabilities.

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