Banking has reached a tipping point. Some will challenge time-honored conventions, embrace innovation & commit to change. Others will be left behind.

It’s time for banks to challenge everything

The banking industry has been fragmenting and de-layering for some time now, as challenger banks and bigtechs chip away at the value chain. While this neo-normal has created some opportunities for collaboration, it has also presented banks with a stark choice: commit to continuous technological innovation or risk being left behind.

Yet this isn’t just about digital transformation. With share and revenue leaking out of the banking sector to other industries—especially to bigtech—we believe the time has come for banks to challenge their long-established conventions and beliefs. To sustain their relevance, they need to truly understand their markets and what it takes to succeed in each of them. They’ll have to be willing to shape new business models, partner in unconventional ways, rediscover their purpose and humanity, and commit to constant innovation.

Accenture is here to help—not as a vendor, but as a strategic partner. Sharing the risks and rewards, bringing technological expertise, a global perspective and the ability to deliver. Enabling flexible architecture in the cloud, with market-leading tools and solutions. Using technology to find value in your data, in order to create amazing customer experiences. Putting our reputation on the line, right next to yours—and delivering on our promise of technology and human ingenuity.


As digital disruption continues to reshape the industry, we look at what’s in store for the future of banking.

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Banking Top 10 Trends for 2022

Which trends will shape the industry in 2022?

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Our unique insights, unmatched partner ecosystem and trusted tools and assets ensure that you get the maximum benefit from all that technology has to offer—in the cloud, in ESG, in data and game-changing experiences, and everything in between.


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Case studies

Australian challenger bank Judo worked with Accenture and nCino to give their customers a truly outstanding, responsive and personalised service.

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) partnered with Accenture to deliver an award-winning digital transformation strategy incorporating advanced data and analytics capabilities.

Vancity grows its commercial lending business with nCino Bank Operating System.

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