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How can the public sector deliver better, more effective automation strategies, avoid IT spaghetti or legacy debt, and scale automation faster? This webinar will give the answers. It challenges all the big preconceptions that surround automation and introduces a new approach to public sector automation. But it’s not just theory. You will see how a government department has already employed this new approach to great effect.

Listen to this webinar and:

  • Learn more about the Government’s automation agenda from the Cabinet Office
  • Understand the big automation challenges that government departments must conquer to deliver the Government’s automation ambitions.
  • See a new, modular and rapidly scalable approach to automation that avoids IT spaghetti, increases workforce resilience, improves RoI and accelerates digital change.
  • Hear the Department of Work and Pensions outline how they approached and implemented automation in this way, before and during COVID-19.

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