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Unlocking software development velocity to power digital transformation

Accenture Pivotal Business Group

In digital transformation, change is the only constant. Your competitive advantage is measured in how quickly you can change and deliver value to your customers. But iterating quickly on software isn't enough. Your teams and technology stack need to be built for change, too.

The Accenture Pivotal Business Group (APBG) combines Accenture’s global scale, leadership and expertise with Pivotal's cloud-native platform and Agile methodologies. APBG accelerates enterprises’ transformation as they migrate legacy applications to the cloud and apply cloud-native application development to build new and modernize existing applications on Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF).

Experience innovation at scale at APBG’s Innovation Hub, located in Columbus, Ohio. The innovation hub is dedicated space where the Accenture Pivotal Business Group helps large enterprises rapidly migrate their businesses onto PCF and prototype and deploy innovative products and services. In addition to the innovation hub, APBG leverages a global footprint of PCF, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud Services skills to meet our clients’ demands for scale.

Pioneers in the cloud-native movement

APBG is perfectly suited to help transform businesses of all sizes. We drive better business outcomes, faster.

Develop cloud-native applications

Master agile and lean methodologies, and you can kick-start a new software culture for building innovative applications on our Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Modernize legacy applications

You can re-factor and migrate applications to our Pivotal Cloud Foundry to speed up innovation in your core business functions.

Cutting edge technology

By harnessing AI, the IoT and other emerging technology, plus our modern development tools and platforms, you can get to market faster.

Innovation at scale

Combine your modernized product mindset with your new software development culture and watch disruption and innovation benefits multiply.

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"We’re seeing much more agile, nimbler software development at a time when software has become a source of competitive advantage and differentiation."

– GENE REZNIK – Accenture

How we work

Analyze, transform, and migrate to cloud

We help clients analyze application portfolios, strategize and execute migration to Pivotal Cloud Foundry, enabling hybrid or multi-cloud solutions.

Accelerate delivery

We accelerate delivery of new software by leveraging the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, along with Lean Product and other methodologies.

Co-create software and learn by doing

By replicating Pivotal Labs capabilities, we help clients learn and capitalize on modern software development methodologies.

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