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CO location strategy: Freeing millions of savings

May 31, 2021


In brief

Why you should consider a Location Strategy

Accenture experience reveals a long-term CO savings potential of more than 30% (resulting mainly from location optimization) compared to current total infrastructure cost, allowing Central Offices to become a source of significant cost reduction.

Our solution in four phases

How Accenture can be your guiding partner

Holistic view on business and technology goals

  • Accenture has vast experience in inventory systems, business process analysis and design, and building management systems.
  • Our network engineers understand future trends and needs.
  • Through our value-based rollout capabilities, we can simulate the impact of a location strategy on future network rollouts.

Extensive project management experience

  • With our extensive experiences we can guide CSPs in defining, controlling, and enforcing architectural guidelines.
  • With collaborative methodologies, we enable organizations to reach aligned goals, define the assigned value, and provide advice on how to handle trade-offs so that complex conflicts can be resolved.

Global network

  • Accenture’s global network of business analysts use a wide range of tools designed to calculate business cases and build simulations. This enables to start with simple tools, and then enhance them with more complex scenarios and User Interfaces to increase fidelity and usability.


  • We help CSPs around the globe to streamline their fiber rollout management, build forecasts and tracking based on KPI which allow senior management to identify potential issues early on and enable corrective actions.
  • Daily updates, a consistent data model and AI-driven forecasts are also key components in remaining on track.


Data foundation and consistency

Can you calculate the infrastructure contribution margin on Central Offices for each active subscriber?

Decommissioning cost

Are you able to list the cost drivers for re-sizing a Central Office?

Keeping migration timelines

Do you know your current migration potential by subscriber, specifically those on a legacy technology with fiber availability?

Absent internal alignment and priorities

What is your acceptable level of added product activation time for an additional fiber drop vs provisioning it directly on legacy infrastructure?

How to get a CO savings potential of about 30%?


Of approximate savings potential by moving active equipment to basements due to cheaper rent.


Of approximate savings potential by freeing up unused space of legacy equipment.


Of approximate savings potential can be gained by completely dismantling obsolete Central Offices.


Meet the team

Thomas Knuchel

Senior Manager – Strategy and Consulting Communications & Media Industry Consulting Lead Switzerland

Stephan Schneider

Managing Director – Communications, Media and Technology Lead for Switzerland

Marc Fischli

Manager – Strategy and Consulting Communications & Media Industry Consulting Switzerland
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