Syngenta is a leading global crop protection and seeds company that works to improve global food security. It was committed to having a superior HR function to provide better experiences for its 28,000 employees around the world, while simplifying processes and cost structures.

Syngenta’s goal was to establish a new HR service delivery model, supported by world-class technologies. This would enable its people to function more effectively, enhance organizational decision-making and support the company’s global growth agenda. To undertake this HR function transformation, Syngenta collaborated with Accenture.

It was the right decision, according to Eleanor Connolly, HR Next Generation Program Manager at Syngenta. “We moved from a position where we had variable HR processes across the globe, to one where we’re seeing a unified HR function that’s capable of generating a full picture of our employees and supporting our people worldwide.”

Strategy and solution

Syngenta and Accenture collaborated closely to design a new HR operating model that would improve not only employee experiences, but also the value, consistency and cost-effectiveness of HR services. Key program elements included:

Process standardization

More than 95 percent of HR processes were standardized, and previously outsourced HR services were brought back into the Syngenta organization.

Analytics and insights

New Workday and ServiceNow solutions were integrated to establish a single source of truth, enable improved analytics and generate fresh HR insights.

Workforce enablement

Self-service, mobile and digital collaboration tools were deployed to ensure that HR interactions were simplified and less time-consuming.

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Syngenta’s transformation has allowed its HR organization to provide an elevated employee experience across the company. Equally important, it helps the company draw on its people to enable global growth and support:

  • Consistency: HR groups around the world now work in a much more consistent manner.
  • Access: Employees have real-time, seamless access to HR from the office or on the road.
  • Visibility: HR leaders can now pull together comprehensive, accurate employee information in one place in real time. They can also access insights to identify processes that are not running smoothly and target those for improvement.
  • Savings: The new HR solution has produced significant cost savings through the streamlining of processes, new self-service capabilities, reduced administrative headcount and the de-commissioning of older systems.

According to Ben Debnath, Global Head of HR Operations at Syngenta, “With the new global operating model and supporting technologies now active and running, we’re seeing some significant benefits. From the ease of accessing HR through the new mobile app, to the major efficiencies and cost savings the platforms offer—this is clearly a significant change that will benefit our business, our finances and our employees. It has provided a rock-solid foundation on which we can build and continuously develop for years to come.”


The new HR operating model was launched concurrently across 92 countries.


New HR processes and systems serve employees in 17 languages.


Within three months, two-thirds of Syngenta’s employees were logged in and using the system.

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