Commerce Platforms

Deliver seamless user experiences that increase ecommerce volume and value.

Trusted transactions and frictionless experiences

Demand for frictionless experiences is extending deeper and deeper into commerce from finding the right products, to the payments process, and speed and ease of delivery. And new technologies like digital voice assistants and blockchain are opening new opportunities for commerce every day. It’s time to evolve the commerce experience and expand what users are purchasing on your platform with seamless, personalized and convenient new products and services.

How we can help

Accenture’s services are designed to help platform companies define and enable the commerce experience, target the right products and markets, develop new purchase models and expand their networks of partners and sellers.

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Core commerce

We determine the best strategies to grow the core with fierce competition.

Solutions we provide:

  • Growth and go-to-market strategies
  • Market and product assessment
  • Commerce platform development
  • Marketing
  • Customer experience
  • Product content management
  • Optimize search
  • Operating models

New retail

Our teams define strategies to provide a compelling user experience across all customer touchpoints.

Solutions we provide:

  • New consumer engagement models
  • Mobile and IoT commerce
  • AI and merchandising
  • Subscription programs
  • Quick prototyping solutions
  • Contextual retail
  • Selling through social
  • Loyalty programs

New payments and security

We identify the best ways to protect your organization from fraud while expanding reach.

Solutions we provide:

  • Commerce platform security
  • Blockchain
  • Fraud management
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Digital identity
  • Customer data management
  • Digital currency
  • Payment orchestration
  • Payment network strategy

Commerce ecosystem

We outline a road map to collaborate with and build a network of partners and sellers.

Solutions we provide:

  • Vendor management
  • New seller acquisition
  • Collaboration platform
  • Cross-partner promotions
  • Partner onboarding
  • Commercialization structure
  • Governance and operating model
  • Third party management

Commerce enablers

We define models to collaborate and enable fulfillment and delivery for a smart end-to-end supply chain.

Solutions we provide:

  • New logistics and delivery (e.g., drones)
  • Data-driven forecast and stock management
  • Last mile platform
  • Virtual supply chain control tower
  • Vendor management
  • Overseas network planning

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What we think

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Four platform Banking models to consider as you pivot to an Open Banking platform strategy.

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