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Defence agencies are facing challenges that are complex and dynamic. These challenges are the result of evolving geopolitical tensions, rapidly advancing technological capabilities and the emergence of non-traditional adversaries. Additionally, an often unseen threat to many agencies is the increasing use of cyber warfare to disrupt and undermine their capabilities.

To maintain their ability to deter potential aggressors and achieve a competitive edge on the battlefield, defence agencies are faced with the need to modernise their current inventories of weapon systems, replace legacy IT systems and adopt technological advances and best practices from the commercial world. If undertaken correctly, these changes have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of defence agencies and warfighters.

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The future is different for defence forces

With some honourable – and often famous – exceptions, military operations throughout history have usually involved the land, sea and air forces of one country working in close coordination, sharing information, insight and resources between them.

But today this traditional paradigm no longer applies, with collaborative multinational operations involving armed forces from a coalition of multiple willing partners becoming the norm.

This shift is a logical and well-justified response to the ongoing rapid evolution and escalation of threats globally. And it’s paying dividends in operations and theatres of action around the world, as like-minded countries work together successfully to achieve common goals and support local populations.


Singapore is using digital technologies to improve the lives of its citizens. Its drive to create positive human experiences is epitomised by its “Smart Nation” initiative—harnessing powerful networks, data and communication technologies to create economic opportunity and build a closer community. The smart use of digital technologies for the benefit of all is integral to MINDEF. The NS Portal offers digital services to the entire NS population—enabling interaction, engagement and exploration into their respective capacity to serve the nation and contribute to keeping its citizens safe and secure.

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Digital defence must be built on people, not technology

Fighting forces pioneered new technology to achieve mission goals in the past. Now we are seeing a new emphasis on how technology is transformed.

Humans at the heart of  defence and  security

Defence forces need technology that is built with a strong understanding of the human experience at the core of every defence force.

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