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Whether you’re rushing to join the platform economy or looking to secure your next five years, there's a lot to do—and quickly.

First, you’re only as good as your ability to sustain your ecosystem. This means structuring for resilience, diversifying your network effects and creating new value to stifle competition and maintain customer relevance and loyalty.

Accelerating against disruption is difficult, but possible. Using insight-rich analytics and strategic implementation of software and APIs, we help companies identify and act upon opportunity and vulnerability. Whether it’s developing new products and services to scale into new markets, innovating around fertile technologies like location and commerce, or building a roadmap for AI ethics oversight, we'll help you be the first to transform and the last to leave.

Organizations face a difficult challenge when it comes to ethically-informed data collection, sharing and use.

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What we think

Our client experience shows four key areas that can significantly impact value for customers.

Three important considerations as companies build strategies to more effectively succeed with SMBs.

Digital voice assistant findings from the 2019 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey of 22,500 online consumers.

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Discover how data management was taken to the next-level for a global collaboration tech company.

Learn how Marketing Mix Modeling can help companies understand their impact on profitability with insights.

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