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Transforming cities and public infrastructure

With ever rising citizen expectations, shrinking budgets and the sustainability imperative, cities globally are looking to secure better futures by embracing data, digital and ecosystem collaboration. In parallel, the Smart City movement is scaling beyond pilots and into core infrastructure and IT budgets. Leading cities are adopting a citizen centered ethos, using technology as an enabler to create physical and digital services fit for the 21st century.

Public infrastructure is foundational to major urban centres and communities. Yet the delivery of those projects has barely changed in half a century, creating budget leakage and operational inefficiencies, making it difficult to meet rising citizen expectations. This is driving the pivot to digital, to better manage complex portfolios and improve asset management for both new and ageing infrastructure. With new mobility solutions and 5G on the horizon, new infrastructural futures are being reimagined.

Cities of the future

Stephen Zoegall, Lead – Global Cities

Situational awareness in Singapore

By transforming data into proactive intelligence and bridging informational silos across divisions and agencies situational awareness is transforming our cities. At the heart of situational awareness is public trust, data consent and well-explained governance to inspire the public to actively engage.

Connecting the dots: Situational awareness in Singapore

Accenture's video shows how can we connect the dots between data, ecosystems, and citizens by using AI-driven analytics and intelligent technologies. See more.

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