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Intelligent travel operations: make bold moves

3 ways to get back to growth – at the right cost
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Future in flux

Travel has long been one of the world’s largest economic contributors. But COVID-19 saw global demand for travel plummet. Travel as we know it is not coming back. But it can become better than ever. Leaders have critical decisions to make in order to get back to growth.

During these trying times you must execute the day-to-day business; manage costs with precision, generate demand, and invest in the right assets. These are qualifying actions for survival. However, there are next level moves that travel companies can make to respond to the crisis and prepare for any eventuality.

A future in flux doesn’t have to be a negative. Making decisions and prioritizing actions can help leaders come out of this crisis with not just a different future, but a better one.  An example is Accenture's World ID for Travel, a safety-first approach to restarting travel.  


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The connected journey begins: Boarding has started

Actions for a new era

The question for every travel leader is: How are you responding to this new reality? The response will be marked by the actions taken to respond fully to the crisis and prepare for any eventuality, which are grounded in several key areas.

Traveler experience

Develop stellar experiences that regain customer confidence across the travel journey—from dream and book to stay, loyalty and beyond.

Living systems

Migrate legacy IT systems to cloud-based architectures and use technology to break silos, reduce costs, improve performance and boost resilience.

Retail in travel

Develop a retail merchandising engine and front-end platforms to extend products and services, diversify revenue, streamline purchases, and build loyalty.

Workforce excellence

Build flexibility into ways of working for an effective, efficient and satisfied workforce so that employees—and the business—can adapt fast to change.

Recovery strategy & sustainable growth

Withstand ongoing volatility by restructuring the business and the balance sheet; evolving the revenue model, operating margin streams and profit engine.

Intelligent services

Tap into cross-organizational data insights and travel indicators to sharpen responsiveness and improve operational performance and customer experiences.

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How we help

Travel as we know it may not be coming back, but a new area is just beginning, and we are helping the industry to come back better than ever.

8,000+ travel industry experts located throughout the globe.

Industry-specific Innovation Centers, Digital Hubs & Delivery Centers in key markets.

Ventures and partnerships with critical ecosystem players.

Forward-thinking market research and industry-specific thought leadership.

End-to-end solutions, powered by accelerators and IP to quickly scale capability and capacity.

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Case studies

Radisson digitally enables operations to lower costs and improve services for franchisees and owners.

Carnival Corporation connects high-touch technology and the human touch to create hyper-relevant experiences for thousands of guests at a time.

Here's how we enabled TUI Group’s employees deliver a personalized experience for guests.

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Embark: Travel, tech and trust podcast series

Travel experts break down cloud beyond the technology: how to reinvigorate traveler confidence, build resilience and innovate in the new era.

It’s a new dawn for the travel industry. Trust is at the forefront – from booking to return. Tune in to listen to industry leaders and their stories.


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