About Carl

As the Group Technology Officer for our Health and Public Service business, Carl Ward specialises in framing and architecting large transformation programs for the Government and Health including work in Tax, Human Services, Health, Postal and Defence.

Carl is passionate about using technology to improve the way we live and work, and in particular how Government can play a role in enabling and encouraging business and society to evolve and adapt. Working in Health and Government gives him the opportunity to make a difference to our society and communities helping improve the life of citizens to make the world a better place.

Carl enjoys thinking through business challenges and using innovative technology solutions to solve problems and create solutions that are pragmatic, innovative and creative in ways that drive future value and work for citizens, businesses and governments.

Carl holds a first-class BA (Physics and Theoretical Physics) and MA from Cambridge University, UK. He lives in Singapore, has three children and enjoys running, reading, science and technology.

What we think

We need to avoid large-scale changes and adopt strategies that allow us to progressively change our systems.

Education evolves with technology to cope with the changing needs of the society.

Learning for economic benefit is one thing – but how about learning for the sake of our passion to learn?

As jobs become more specialised and complex, we can use technology to deliver more personalised learning.

AI is transforming the private sector and soon this will impact the public sector.

The NEW tech leader can guide the organisation to a future of economic strength and prosperity.

Find out how a parallel replacement can help health and public service agencies modernise their IT systems.

The future of AI, the nature of creativity and the intersection of the two.

Find out how microservice decoupling can help health and public service agencies modernise their IT systems.

It is important to consider the different innovation models when framing your innovation agenda.

Having an innovation culture is key to developing ideas that will create a better tomorrow.

Moving from pilot to production scale is crucial to innovation. So how do organisations cope with the change?

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