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Distribution network design


Where to locate stock and how to move products around the network most efficiently?

Total Logistics, now part of Accenture, designs cost-effective supply chain networks to meet the increasing demands of businesses and their customers in a digital world.

A supply chain network is a collection of distribution centers and cross-docking points, strategically positioned between the client's supply and demand points.

Our consultants work closely with clients to identify the best supply chain network for their businesses in terms of service, cost, sales channels and sustainability, utilising existing assets where appropriate. We achieve superior results by combining the results from our Insight modelling tools with our extensive experience of developing solutions around the world.

Our models take into account current and future inbound and outbound transport flows, warehousing requirements, inventory holding and the customer service offer. Costs and service levels are provided for a range of network options, based on different numbers, locations and types of distribution centers.

The output from a network design project is a roadmap to show the transition from your current network to a new solution.


Consumers’ expectations to shop using multiple channels and get fast, reliable deliveries pose logistical and financial challenges for retailers and their suppliers. In this environment it becomes critical for retailers to transform their supply chain models to enable a more real-time, digitally enabled service. Accenture is well equipped to help consumer goods companies and retailers achieve better business outcomes from their digital transformation programs.

Industry trends and challenges

  • Increasing complexity of routes to market

  • Compression of lead time to bring new products to market more quickly and to decrease replenishment times

  • Use of digital data to improve forecasting and planning capability

  • Use of tracking technology to provide visibility throughout the supply chain

  • Shortage of suitable properties or land space to build in key logistics areas

  • Need to reduce environmental impact throughout supply chain

Benefits offered by Accenture design solutions

  • Understand and reduce time to market by careful location of stockholdings and cross-docking points

  • Improve product availability to the customer at the optimum inventory

  • Make the supply chain more dynamic and responsive to new ranges or changes to demand

  • Understand the factors which influence the inventory and service level balance and how to use each lever to respond to change