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Why CEOs must aim high if they want future-ready operations

There's never been a better time to go all out for operational transformation. Manish Sharma, group chief executive for Accenture Operations, explains why bold actions today will pay off more than a traditionally cautious approach.

In fact, future-ready organizations—those that make operations more intelligent—can flex and gain staying power for better business results.


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How cybercriminals are finding new ways for us to "stand and deliver"

Ransomware hackers have new business models. They are stealing company data—and announcing the breach to public channels such as the news media.

When corporate excellence is not so excellent

Centers of Excellence are quashing the very excellence they are pursuing. Here's a remedy for a brilliant concept with a flawed execution.

Why big business is the answer to small business stability... and vice versa

How can you ensure stability in your supply chain when something as small as a thread of cotton can threaten to disrupt it entirely?

What I learned about energy reinvention growing up in Finland

After working on recent clean energy research, researcher Lasse Kari feels more hopeful and writes about his findings.

Talking point

Our experiment proved that people gained valuable skills and knowledge while training an AI system designed to help them in their roles.

Diarmuid Cahalane

Research Principal, Accenture Labs

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From immersive technologies in travel to how AI is changing the nature of finance, our bloggers are writing about the latest industry trends.

Get supply chain leaders out of the basement

Healthcare organizations can't heal the supply chain without giving leaders a meaningful voice in decision-making. John Walko explains how.

The personalities driving today's banking consumers

Our consumer surveys have found, consistently over the years, that personalities drive banking preferences. Here are four personas to know.

Are you in business with the wrong customers?

Financial mismanagement wreaks havoc on oil and gas players. And it’s easier to fall prey than you think. Find your risks by getting to know your customers.

5 challenges to underwriting transformation

Underwriting is more expensive than it needs to be and less efficient than it should be. But there's a relatively easy move that carriers can make.

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How to build an AWS cloud career while mixing drinks

Hunter Larson works with the largest companies on the planet to create systems that can handle huge workloads, including a voice-powered bartender.

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