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People power tech-enabled transformations. By not empowering people, organizations may not get their desired outcomes.

Leila Yosef

Research Manager

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3 tech enablers that make up the cloud continuum

Bridging physical and digital worlds has never been easier thanks to the cloud continuum. Discover the three technologies making it all possible.


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Honing your competitive edge through science

Many companies are embracing science to transform their businesses—for today and for tomorrow. Learn more about the new scientific method.

Back to growth with creative pragmatism

After some time on the tarmac, the travel sector is set to take off and see growth. Here are three ways the industry can gain some momentum.

What is zero trust security?

Many believe that if you are on a trusted corporate network, you can be trusted with access. Discover why that thinking can be detrimental.

Please, stop buying story points

Story points offer an estimate of the effort needed to complete a project. Unfortunately, they’re not always accurate. Here’s why—and what needs to change.

Six ways to develop a tech savvy board

Boards lack the necessary tech expertise to help their companies compete in today’s evolving landscape. Fortunately, these six steps can remedy that.

Using the cloud to choose a gaming console

Whether it’s a new gaming console or business technology, choosing the right cloud continuum isn’t all fun and games. Here’s how to win with cloud.

Why leadership stability is vital in child welfare

Child welfare leaders do more than just solve daily challenges. They also turn agencies into loving homes. Here’s why that stability is so important.

Tech execs, how strong is your sustainability DNA?

ESG is front of mind for today’s executives. Fortunately, leaders don’t need to embark on the net-zero journey alone. Here’s how we can help.

Three ways to escape pilot purgatory

All too often, innovations are left to languish between concept and MVP. By taking these three steps, companies can move those big ideas forward.

Passwordless: The juice is well worth the squeeze

Ditch the litany of multiple passwords. From one-time password generators to biometric scans, the new mantra is “No password. No problem.”

As values shift, is your purpose on solid ground?

Consumer expectations are rapidly shifting. Here’s how your company can’t outpace constant change by fully embracing its purpose.

Follow the indicators of compromise breadcrumbs

A simple phish is all it takes to hack an email system. Fortunately, by following the right breadcrumbs, IT teams can leave hackers floundering.

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Prioritizing mental health from the top down

Nearly 100% of workers have faced mental health challenges. That’s why it’s so important companies put people’s wellness first. Discover how.

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