Corporate Citizenship in the UK

This is the decade for change. By combining human ingenuity with ground-breaking technologies we innovate for a more equal and inclusive society.

Societal response to Covid-19

We are helping our clients, partners and communities outmanoeuvre COVID-19

Innovating for Social Impact

In 2015, we set a goal to equip more than 3 million people by 2020 with the skills to get a job or build a business. In 2019, we surpassed that mark, reaching nearly 3.6 million people.

Online learning

Providing people with access to free online learning to enable them to build the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. Find out more.

Movement to work

Transforming the lives of over 100,000 young people with high quality work experience placements leading to employment. Find out more.

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Creating new value: Our impact in the UK

In a time of unprecedented change, we face enormous challenges and extraordinary opportunities. It’s never been more important to combine human ingenuity and the power of technology to create solutions that drive positive impact.

Learn how we are redefining value to drive positive change for our clients, our people, our communities and our planet.


S172 & Corporate governance statements 2020

Operating ethically, legally and with integrity.

Inclusive technology

Inclusive technology - Tackling the UK's societal challenges better and faster with new technology

Tech can be used to help address societal challenges such as food waste, traffic collisions, and type-2 diabetes. New research by Accenture and Frontier Economics uses a 'total value canvas' to show the scale of the social and economic value at stake—and uncovers how business, government and non-profits can work together to apply new technology to improve the way the world works and lives.


Who we are is how we’ll grow

Accenture has studied the impact of workplace culture on employees and shown the power of culture in addressing inequality. There has never been a more critical time to focus on building a workplace culture that allows people from diverse backgrounds to succeed.


Focusing on the environment

As climate change increasingly affects living and working conditions around the world, this is the time to act. We are committed to playing a leading role in the transition to a low-carbon economy through our actions and we are proud to share our industry-leading goals.

Going 100% renewable

In 2019, we committed to procuring 100% renewable energy across our global facilities by 2023, joining the RE100 - a global initiative bringing together businesses committed to 100% renewable energy. In the UK we are proud to have already achieved this goal by adopting 100% renewable energy across our facilities.

Working toward our science-based target

We’re the largest professional services company to have a goal aligning with Science Based Targets Initiative. We aim to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 11% against 2016 baseline by 2025, including a commitment to reduce scope 1 & 2 emissions by 65%, and 40% per unit of revenue intensity reduction for scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.

Achieve net-zero emissions by 2025

We’ll focus first on actual reductions in our emissions and will invest in nature-based solutions that will remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Move to zero waste

By 2025, we’ll reuse or recycle all our e-waste and office furniture. We’re committed to eliminating single-use plastics in our locations post-COVID.

Plan for water risk

By 2025, we’ll develop plans to reduce the impact of flooding, drought and water scarcity on our business and our people in high-risk areas.

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Creating a truly inclusive workplace

We put inclusion and diversity at the heart of the way we work and are committed to accelerating equality for all, creating a work environment where each of our people feel like they belong. Read more.

Visible growth; Invisible fears

While LGBT+ employees in many parts of the world have progressed in the workplace, our research reveals they are still facing challenges. Read more.

Closing the gender pay gap

We've brought Accenture UK’s median gender pay gap to 9.8% versus a UK average of 17.3%. Find out about our work to lower it further here.

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Developing a responsible supply chain

We work with our suppliers to advance key priorities—including environmental sustainability, human rights, inclusion, diversity and social innovation—while advancing our partnerships and forging greater engagement and collaboration.

As a result, we can lower barriers for smaller and more diverse suppliers, promote shared values and cultivate a culture of responsible buying.


Living our core values

At Accenture, how we achieve success is as important as success itself. Our governance structure, Leadership Essentials, well-defined Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Counts programme are all designed to help ensure that our people live our core values.

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