Re-invent supply chain operations

Helping you harness the power of human + machine—creating data-driven operations to ensure business resiliency.

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Fast-track to future-ready supply chain

Elevate every decision with intelligent operations ​
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The impact of change

We help you transform your supply chain into a transparent, predictive, and resilient operating model helping you to:

Eradicate costs

  • Zero-based solutions to drive up to 10% Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)​ savings
  • 25% reduction in warranty claims
  • 20% reduction in warranty/spare parts repair costs
  • 12% reduction in logistics costs

Grow revenue

  • 40% faster time to market
  • 15% increase in forecast accuracy
  • 10% increase in product availability
  • 10% increase in on-time-in-full (OTIF)
  • 25% increase in inventory turns

Enable real-time visibility

  • End-to-end connectedness
  • Insight led decisions that create customer-centric outcomes
  • A centralized, aggregate view of all the moving parts

Increase workforce productivity

  • Maximize an agile human + machine workforce
  • Shift the allocation of work via automation at scale, to refocus talented people on critical activities that shape customer-centric products and experiences
  • Fill gaps in supply chain talent – supplement the retained team

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Change how work gets done

Supply chain leaders are under pressure to create more value for the business. Evolving customer expectations, increasing business complexities and disruption are extending the role of the chain from cost center to an engine of sustainable growth.

Intelligent Supply Chain Operations brings CSCOs the processes and insights they need to scale new experiences and value from their supply chain. Using SynOps, we create a data-driven operating model that connects intelligent technologies, talent, and data and analytics to provide real-time, actionable insights.

Armed with this new model, supply chain leaders can create richer customer experiences, increase profitability, and fuel sustained growth.

Move to Intelligent Supply Chain Operations

SynOps for Supply Chain

Services that power change

From product design & engineering, through manufacturing & after-sales, we use SynOps to bring together the optimal combination of human + machine talent, data & insights, to help transform your supply chain, driving outcomes in every link.


We optimize product engineering to drive faster R&D cycles and higher returns on investment by digitizing and streamlining product engineering process.


We help you increase forecast accuracy and optimize inventory by transforming supply and demand planning functions - aligning them to market dynamics.


We help you optimize savings and total cost of ownership by tapping into our expertise and market insights to re-invent your information driving processes.


We help you unlock value by connecting plants to drive operational safety, efficiency & quality at scale. And budgets and timelines stay on track by transforming capital project planning and execution.


We help you lower transportation costs and deliver bespoke customer service by coordinating and operating a flexible, dynamic supply chain network with increased visibility.


We help to improve product reliability, quality, customer loyalty, predictability, and profitability of service revenue by integrating AI powered as-a-service models to collect and analyze smart product information.

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What we think

Case studies

A leading manufacturer expects to save $93.8M by taking a fresh approach to its supply chain.

Helping a leading telecoms manufacturer transform its warranty and spare parts operations.

We transformed the spare parts planning process with our SynOps platform and increased efficiency.

Helping a large North American retailer transform promotional campaigns with SynOps for Supply Chain.​

Accenture’s SynOps for Supply Chain helped a global healthcare technology company reimagine its supply chain​

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What every supply chain needs. Especially now

A customer-centric supply chain can increase sales by $50 to $100 million, in addition to dramatic cost efficiency.

Recognizing the power of change

Supply Chain BPS is recognized as a leader amongst industry analysts.

Leaders of change

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