In brief

In brief

  • Available technology roles fell at the end of 2019: 52 percent fewer job postings for roles in emerging technologies compared to six months earlier.
  • Demand grew for AI and blockchain skills, with some regions developing into specialist hubs.
  • UK professionals are up-skilling: 11 percent increase in people with capabilities in data analytics, AI, blockchain, XR and quantum computing.

Available tech roles fell at the end of 2019, with a 52 percent decline in jobs advertised compared to six months earlier. However, certain emerging technologies saw a spike in demand. This, according to Accenture's UK Tech Talent Tracker, which analysed data from LinkedIn's Professional Network to uncover the latest trends in the United Kingdom's technology jobs market.


Increase in job postings for UK professionals with artificial intelligence (AI) skills.


Increase in job postings for UK professionals with blockchain capabilities.

There are multiple bright spots around the country, where demand for people with skills in several emerging technologies has continued to grow. Cambridge maintains its position as the second largest artificial intelligence (AI) hub in the United Kingdom, where advertisements for professionals with skills in AI rose by 35 percent. Meanwhile, Birmingham has actually overtaken Cambridge as the United Kingdom's fastest growing digital hub and is now home to the second-largest number of accelerator programmes for the tech industry. Both Liverpool and Glasgow have also seen a significant rise in the number of tech professionals in the region.

"There is a tremendous opportunity right now for businesses. Those that have sought new opportunities and embraced innovation are set to benefit in the long term."


Find out more about the United Kingdom’s top tech hubs by clicking on the map.

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Zahra Bahrololoumi

Head of Technology for Accenture UKI


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