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Find here the most common frequently asked questions about applications at Accenture.

I would like to apply for the position of XY but I don’t know who to address my application to.

Start your letter with a general greeting (“Dear Sir/Madam") as our experienced recruiters will compare your documents in terms of your skills and interests against our requirements and assign you to another division, if necessary. It is therefore not necessary to start with a personalized introduction.

Is the position of XY still available? It was advertised 3 months ago already.

As long as a position is online with us, it is still available. We make appointments throughout the year and do not only fill individual vacancies. The Jump-Start programs in our Accenture Technology Solutions (ATS) division, which prepare you for deployment at our clients both professionally and personally in 2 months, can have different starting dates but will always start at the beginning of a month.

Can I send you an unsolicited application?

If you want to send us an unsolicited application, you will still have to select a position that is as close as possible to your expectations and qualifications. In your covering letter you can then add that your application is an unsolicited application. As we generally process applications in the recruiter pool, we will assign you to a suitable position.

Can an applicant apply for multiple positions?

In principle, you can. However, you will be assigned to a position that we think best matches your profile. It therefore makes more sense to only apply for one position and to note in your cover letter which other positions you are also interested in.

Which documents do I need to include with my application?

Please send us all your application documents, such as an updated CV, a cover letter and relevant certificates of your qualifications (school, university, training, internships, work references, etc).

At which events is Accenture represented?

Further information regarding our events can be found here.

In which frequency do the Jump Starts take place?

Each month, we offer at least 1 Jump Start program. The various professional orientations are held at regular intervals but depending on the specific program at different frequencies. If a Jump Start position is advertised on the career portal there is also a need for new employees.

Is it possible to complete a work experience placement or a student internship?

No, usually there is no possibility.

What do the indicated locations in the job advertisement mean?

The indicated locations refer to our Accenture Offices in which you can be staffed. The project locations can differ from your office location, thus a willingness to travel is important.

In which language should I prepare my application?

We include your application in English as well in German language, except a certain language is explicit requested in the job advertisement.

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