Destination digital

The Aerospace and Defense industry faces unprecedented disruption on multiple fronts:

  • Supply chains face increasing volatility.
  • Agile new competitors are targeting the market.
  • Technology is impacting across the value chain.

Seventy-six percent of industry executives agree digital transformation is imperative to overcome this turbulence.

Companies that have already embraced digital transformation are surging ahead – achieving up to four times improvement on their digital investments. Others will accelerate velocity to their own digital transformation by embracing digital at the core of their business.



Companies that successfully adapt and embrace digital can reap huge rewards. Our three-point approach helps companies embrace a digitally-driven future.

Digitize across the value chain

Embed digital across the value chain, from sales all the way through to manufacturing, aftersales, finance and human resources.

Collaborate to innovate

Drive innovation and boost future-readiness, by collaborating across the industry and technology ecosystem.

Embrace new business models

Manage the wise pivot between core ongoing business and new business models.

Destination digital: Get the essentials

Learn from leading industry experts why digitization, co-innovation and new business models are key to driving growth in the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Themes include how to go from delivering products to delivering services, how to innovate through collaboration across the ecosystem and why new business models are a game changer for the industry—and how digital technology can enable this ambition.


Digitize across the value chain


Collaborate to innovate


Embrace new business models

Podcast: What technology investments to watch for

Companies across the board are slashing costs, preserving cash, and trying to adjust to a new normal after the novel coronavirus throttled down business prospects. But there is one area they are sure to spend even more money on in the coming years as industry regroups after COVID-19.

Listen in as Aviation Week’s Senior Business Editor, Michael Burno, and Accenture’s Global Aerospace and Defense Lead, John Schmidt, discuss what to watch for in technology investments in Aerospace and Defense.

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What to watch for in technology investments

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In the spotlight

Take off with the cloud

Accelerate innovation, unlock future value, and elevate enterprise security with the cloud.


Trust and security between partners is essential. Distributed ledgers offer the solution.

Unlock value with AI by reskilling the workforce and building the right business cases.

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A workforce for change

Growth fueled by digital requires people and machines to work together in new ways.

AI will lead to new ways of doing business, the success of which depends on the workforce.

Workplace data can be used to unlock value but gaining employee trust is imperative.

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What we think

New IT can turn the supply chain into a powerhouse of top-line growth—if it's targeted effectively and strategically deployed.

Today’s naval shipbuilders must innovate to drive down costs, deal with increasing complexity and deliver new growth.

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Case studies

We helped Airbus leverage wearable technology to optimize aircraft assembly, reducing error rates to zero and increasing productivity by 500 percent.

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Accenture has been making headlines as we help our clients harness the digital revolution.

Accenture chosen by Bombardier to help streamline procurement processes and reduce costs for indirect goods and services

Accenture helps Bombardier manage its indirect spend more efficiently and generate substantial cost savings that will accelerate its turnaround plan.

Accenture assists Navantia in design, development and implementation of advanced technologies to improve shipbuilding

The 'Shipyard 4.0' platform will leverage Industry 4.0 technologies, including digital twins, modelling and simulation, and artificial intelligence.

Aerospace and Defense Industry to see greatest impact from artificial intelligence compared to key emerging technologies

AI has the potential to be a major growth driver for the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Airbus improves productivity on A330 final assembly line

Accenture’s remote-support offering is a smartphone application that enables fast, high-quality and secure video communication.

Aerospace and Defense executives embrace digital threads and digital twins

Nearly three-quarters of executives feel overwhelmed by the amount of data and will increase usage of digital threads and twins to help meet this challenge.

Airbus and Accenture named Glomo Award winners

Accenture and Airbus named as Glomo award winners for Best Mobile Solution for Enterprise for Pioneering Wearable Technology Seat Marking Solution.

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