COVID-19: What to do now, what to do next

The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity for banks to show they understand their customers and are committed to helping them deal with its impacts, building stronger, enduring, trust-based relationships.

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COVID-19: How banks can manage the business impact

Practical actions to weather the storm and support customers through the crisis—and beyond
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Navigating the impact of COVID-19

Winning in the digital economy

The banking industry has never seen more disruption—new, innovative challengers and advanced technologies are changing market structure and taking a bite out of revenues. In fact, 17 percent of industry players that entered banking over the last 13 years have grabbed one-third of revenue growth in Europe. For incumbents, the time to act is now.

Simply becoming a digitally better version of themselves isn’t enough to turn the tide. Like their competitors, banks need to become more relevant and harness digital to drive growth, they must rethink their “North Star” business models and be bold in reorienting their organizations—or they risk being left behind as the industry changes around them.

That’s where Accenture Banking comes in. Whether we're helping modernize core banking operations, turn a mobile banking experience into a social one, or reinvent payment and credit models, our banking consulting services empower clients with data-driven insights and the right tools to adopt a mindset fit for today's—and tomorrow’s—digital landscape.

The Open Banking revolution is here

Technology + regulations are unlocking the banking value chain and how a bank acts now will shape its future to lose or win.

Open Banking is evolving the industry toward hyper-relevant, platform-based distribution and enabling banks to expand their ecosystems and extend their reach. Those that treat it as an opportunity vs. a threat will position themselves for a thriving, open, digital future.

Explore our collection of thought leadership to make sure your bank is ready.

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How we can help

Our banking consulting services are powered by deep industry experience and backed by a truly global presence.


Banking delivery centers around the world, including India, Spain, China & the Philippines


Of the top 50 banks worldwide are our clients


Of the top 20 money managers worldwide are our clients

Case studies

Automation, analytics and top talent help a leading European bank cut operating costs by 26%.

We helped our client transform to a secure cloud-based infrastructure to set the stage for continued growth.

We helped HSBC transform its HR function to deliver enhanced services.

The iGaranti service turns banking on its head and transforms how people manage their money.

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What we think

Four keys help lenders and lessors modernize platform capabilities to be nimble, responsive and profitable.

By putting customers first, banks can achieve bountiful gains in both customer trust and economic value.

Jared Rorrer shares the top trends he believes will reshape the commercial banking industry this year.

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Banking blog

We uncover the issues making waves in banking and payments, from digital transformation to compliance to technology—and everything in between.

The top eight ways COVID-19 will impact payments

Sulabh Agarwal looks at how the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic will impact the global payments industry now and in the future.

Act now to emerge stronger after COVID-19

Jared Rorrer shares the actions commercial banks should take now, and next, to gain the capacity and scale to be there for their clients.

Banks playing catch-up during COVID-19

COVID-19 is giving traditional banks an opportunity to close the digital gap with fintechs, says Alan McIntyre.

Explore Accenture research, partnerships and activities making headlines in the banking industry.

Bank fees are getting squeezed in the face of regulation and new competitors, putting 5% of revenues at risk, Accenture report finds

Eliminating fees, increasing transparency and helping customers make good financial decisions could stem losses and help banks increase revenues.

Accenture collaborates with JPMorgan Chase to create flagship branch

We teamed with JPMorgan Chase & Co. to design its new flagship branch that drives digital & physical customer experiences, bringing the brand to life.

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