The digital insurer: Creating a more dynamic future

As the insurance industry is disrupted, digital insurers are harnessing the power of technology and seizing new opportunities.

Our insurance consulting services are using AI, cloud and other transformative technologies to help P&C insurers, life carriers and reinsurers improve their core operations, develop new sources of revenue growth, and pivot successfully to 'the new'. We are also assisting them to become more relevant to customers, more agile, and more secure in the face of cyber-threats. In short, we are helping equip them to thrive in a much more dynamic future.  

Tech Vision 2019

Get ready for what’s next in insurance

The post-digital era is upon us. Amid rising customer expectations, Accenture’s Technology Vision for Insurance 2019 looks at five distinct technology trends that will characterize the future of insurance.


Case studies

Leading Nordic financial services company, Nordea, reinvents its disability claims customer experience using artificial intelligence.

Accenture led a workforce culture change, supported by technology, to drive customer retention and revenue for a large UK insurance company.

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Our leaders

Explore what our industry leaders are thinking about the latest insurance trends, including the disruptive role of innovative new technologies.

Insurance Influencers

The future of insurance, with Lex Sokolin

Lex Sokolin, futurist and fintech entrepreneur, shares his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in insurance today.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a dying business. Can technology revive it?

Milliennial and Gen-Z customers don’t see the relevance of traditional life insurance. See how outlying insurers are using technology to create new business opportunities.

Accenture and Generali employee benefits apply blockchain

Blockchain-based solution set to bring new levels of transparency and innovation to the employee benefits industry

In the “post-digital” world, insurers’ success will require personalized customer engagement

Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2019 suggests insurers should master emerging technologies and shore up security with their ecosystem partners to meet consumers’ needs