Fueling digital transformation

Digital innovation is rapidly changing how products are conceived, created, sold and supported. Compounded by the trend toward smart, connected and AI-powered products, this digital upheaval is driving a major pivot to "as-a-service" and other new business models.

So what does leadership look like in this new era of continual transformation?

It’s a combination of reinventing the core business while simultaneously scaling new business model. It means rethinking high tech products and services offerings, delivering them across a digital supply chain, and infusing operations with AI and human-machine collaboration. Last but not least, it's about building a workforce empowered with the right digital tools and a culture of constant innovation.

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High Tech

Companies can avoid costly mistakes and deliver higher CX by rotating to as-a-service models.

Digital transformation is vital for the Aerospace & Defense industry. Our three-pronged approach can help.

Semiconductor leaders are turning to M&A as a growth strategy to combat organic growth challenges.

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Sectors we serve

Our high-tech services are honed by decades of deep industry experience across a variety of sectors.

Aerospace and Defense

The digital revolution has fundamentally changed how A&D companies design, make and service their products. Learn how we help to speed transformation.


AI, IoT, automotive and digital applications are fueling industry growth. We’ll help you capitalize on these opportunities and drive efficiency.

Enterprise Technology

The shift to cloud and the adoption of new business models have changed everything. We help industry leaders scale enterprise-wide intelligence.

Consumer Technology

Consumer technology is growing—but competition is fierce, and the risk of commoditization is high. We can help you navigate the changing landscape.

Communications Technology

The promise of 5G-led growth is on the horizon. We are a leader in helping companies move to 5G and maximize its potential.

Medical Equipment

To drive growth, providers need to innovate with new technology and digitize operations. We spark end-to-end transformation, from R&D to supply chain.

Software and Platforms

As the platform economy grows, so does the need to drive continued disruption and growth. We help clients zero in on four areas of opportunity.

Case studies

A new SaaS solution can generate revenue, a competitive edge and be a cost-reduction driver for Nokia.

This extended reality technology can streamline the hotel event planning process and help increase revenue.

Wearable tech helped Airbus optimize aircraft assembly, eliminate errors and increase productivity by 500%.

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