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Whether you’re rushing to join the platform economy or looking to secure your next five years, there's a lot to do—and quickly.

First, you’re only as good as your ability to sustain your ecosystem. This means structuring for resilience, diversifying your network effects and creating new value to stifle competition and maintain customer relevance and loyalty.

Accelerating against disruption is difficult, but possible. Using insight-rich analytics and strategic implementation of software and APIs, we help companies identify and act upon opportunity and vulnerability. Whether it’s developing new products and services to scale into new markets or innovating around fertile technologies like location and commerce, we'll help you be the first to transform and the last to leave.

Location technology is now a top enabler of disruptive innovation. Learn about six business categories that prove it's the new wave of value creation.

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Converging industries and business models create demand for rapid innovation. Stay ahead of the pack with our latest research and thinking.

Beyond digital: Living on the edge

Recent research reveals the key factors that determine success in a digital + physical + human future.

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Platforms are transforming our world. And how they do it is also changing every minute. Tune in for lively debate on the latest developments.

Born to be wild: Defending your market position

The Accenture Disruptability Index helps pinpoint current levels of disruption as well as susceptibility to future disruption.

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Case studies

We took data management next-level by building a flexible, fast, future-ready data architecture for a global collaboration technology company.

Learn how Marketing Mix Modeling can help companies drive insight-powered marketing activities and understand their impact on profitability.

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