Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme

Accenture’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme applies global best-practice principles to scale and sustain the entrepreneurs and small business suppliers with whom we partner.

The steppingstone towards a more inclusive and empowered marketplace.

Introduction to ESD

In response to both global and local calls for more inclusion and diversity in the market, Accenture’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme applies global best-practice principles to scale and sustain the entrepreneurs and small business suppliers with whom we partner.

The aim is to increase the participation of black-owned SMEs within both our own supply chain and in the wider economy. We are realising this aim through our innovative Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme

We rise by lifting others

We embrace our responsibility to engage with businesses in the communities in which we live and work, through the ESD Programme.

Vukani Mngxati

CEO – Accenture Africa

Building high-performing businesses

By adopting a blended approach, specifically packaged for the individual SME, we support our beneficiaries in building high-performing businesses through the following areas.


Executive training to elevate business owners to become, innovative thinkers, agile business decision makers & managers of high performing businesses.


Mentorship with a senior Accenture executive in the same line of delivery to guide the growth of the business.

Business development

Business Development Support and operational tools specific to the individual business based on the outcomes of the business GAP analysis.


Early Payments of invoices in less than 10 days to help the SME to be cash-flow effective.

Access to market

Access to Market through opportunities within our supply chain and/or that of our clients.


Collaborations with Accenture as a delivery partner at client engagements - based on business demand.

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Developing initiatives for growth

SMEs are well positioned to increase job opportunities in South Africa, and we recognize the vital role they play in economic growth.

Zandile Njamela

ESD Lead

Meet the ESD Beneficiaries

Greater than a checkbox

Accenture runs one of the leading supplier diversity programmes in the world. We are deeply committed to inclusive procurement practices, which we believe will create long-term value for our clients and communities.

“Greater than a checkbox” is a publication of the inspiring journeys of entrepreneurs in our ESD Programme. This year, we applaud 19 courageous South African ICT entrepreneurs and the amazing team of Accenture executives who’ve been helping them reach for their business dreams. South Africa’s unemployment rate of over 30% has been exacerbated by COVID-19, and at Accenture, we embrace the significant role and responsibility we have in helping our country and our people get back to work. Skilling people is not good enough – we should skill them, and then put them into employment. This is why when we started this programme, our vision was that if we equip a number of SME suppliers with valuable skills, we’ll give them the opportunity to grow as companies, but most importantly, they’ll absorb a number of unemployed people in our country. This is how we can impact lives.


ESD platform for the mining industry

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) is of national importance. It supports economic growth and transformation imperatives and can also unlock significant organisational value.

Accenture has brought to market a multi-tenant Mining ESD Platform for the mining industry that is designed to ramp up meaningful outcomes for the entire mining ecosystem.


Investing in the next generation

I help small businesses develop by suggesting what mechanisms and facilities are available and how best to approach the process.

Kenneth Robinson

Senior Innovation Principal

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We all rise when we diversify

The Accenture Enterprise and Supplier Development Program is about mutual benefit. We guide your RFP response, recommend vetted small business partners, and advise with top tips on being a successful mentor in our program. Contact us for more information.

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