Maxwell Goba

Secure Max Solutions

"My experience working with Accenture’s ESD's programme has been good and I have learnt a lot in running a successful company."

About Maxwell

Seeking to fulfill a need that hit close to home, Maxwell Goba, founded Secure Max Solutions two years ago after his car was broken into: “After the incident I started thinking about what could have prevented the situation. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, a few weeks later I wrote my idea down. Two months later, I registered my company.”

Since then, Secure Max Solutions has created and is in the process of launching Secure Max, a car security app that allows car owners to be linked with their vehicles by tracking, receiving notification if there’s any car tempering on the car, shutting the starter off to prevent theft.

Upon joining Accenture’s ESD programme, Goba says: “At that first event, I listened to Zandile Njamela, who heads up the programme. She spoke about how Accenture had impacted and helped many SMEs, and at the time, I literally saw myself as one of the upcoming successful beneficiaries of Accenture.”

In his experience of the programme, Goba adds that he has found it to be informative, having learned about the 4th Industrial Revolution, how to navigate volatile markets, the importance of collaboration, of research - and more.

“In all, my experience working within Accenture’s programme has been good. I have learned a lot in terms of running a successful company!”

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