Veronica Motloutsi

SmartDigital Solutions

"Accenture’s ESD programme has helped me develop a narrative of what I want and where I see myself."

About Veronica

Veronica Motloutsi Is a digital expert and one of the leading digital transformation executives in South Africa, who boasts experience across multiple sectors such as ICT, Energy, Health, Mining, Retail, Financial Services and Logistics. It wasn’t long before Motloutsi branched out on her own to try her hand at starting up SmartDigital Solutions. The company, which is 100% black female-owned and operates from its offices in Zimbabwe, aims to help clients fulfill their digital ambitions by leveraging the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Despite her stature as at the forefront of digital, Motloutsi laments on some of the hardships she has experienced: “As a small startup company, our biggest challenge is access to market, considering the fact that we are in a space where the industry is male dominated.”

In terms of her participation in Accenture’s ESD programme, she goes on to list some of the most beneficial support she has received from Accenture, Henley Business School Africa and the Lesedi Strategic Services Team: “I have really enjoyed the business coaching, mentorship, and assistance.”

“But more so, the Lesedi Strategic Services Team’s segment has been insightful. I have enjoyed learning about myself through the Personal Mastery segments, which has helped me develop a narrative of what I want and where I see myself. It’s been quite a journey of introspection and reflection.”

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