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Self-proclaimed solutionist, Keaobaka 'KB' Ramantsi matter-of-factly opens his conversation on starting his own business with the statement: "entrepreneurship is the new normal. But, take heed – it is not an easy path".

Ramantsi follows the ethos of 'Learn, unlearn and relearn', which is reflected in his journey to where is now: "I'm restarting my life for the third time, and at the age of 50. This is the new working model – constant reinvention."

"I resigned from my job two years ago as an executive and decided to pursue the digital solutionist path, because I believe that the fourth industrial revolution is here – and the beneficiaries of this revolution are those who will be adopting a solutionist thinking mindset."

Now two-years into owning and managing Kraalworks Trading (Pty) Ltd, Ramantsi has already created two application platforms, one in funerals and one in logistics, and is in the process of creating a third, Med2Fam, through the Accenture ESD programme. On this, he says: "The programme has provided me with a life-changing opportunity by giving me access to the best developers and mentorship network. Under ordinary circumstances, I would not be able to raise the requisite funding to build this app."

The simple-to-use and data-light app supports preventative health behaviours, and is intended to allow people to have control over their medical records.

"The ESD team is amazing, accessible and very helpful" he adds, "And it’s nice to know that should I need, they are only a phone call, email or coffee chat away."

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