Madimetja Mogoba


"How green can one go by looking at usage patterns and seeking interventions to improve on consumption?"

About Madimetja

Madimetja Mogoba is no stranger to the startup space, in which he professes; “I had opened up several enterprises in different market sectors. Some were run successfully, and shares sold off while others made huge losses.”

However, his latest venture, ICT company Xsemble, he asserts, is a reflection of his true passion “I am particularly passionate about finding ICT solutions that assist us in better understanding the utilities industry and efficiencies that can be made.”

Having gained experience in the energy efficiency industry and being part of a team that provided inputs into the development of a utility software system to track and allocate payments for building utilities, Mogoba realised a software gap in providing consumption pattern insights was apparent. “At Xsemble, we offer smart AMI (Automated Meter Infrastructure) solutions, through our app Uxview, that allows users to view energy consumption in 30-minute increments, highlighting and tracking any abnormalities.”

On the road to creating a sustainable business that will be a leader in its field, a goal which Mogoba has set for Xsemble, was Accenture’s ESD programme: “I discovered the programme online and joined to sharpen my knowledge in areas where I feel I was lacking. Accenture has already brought us close to new opportunities, they have done regular check-ins with me and have ensured I have ample access to my mentors.”

And, while Xsemble’s app was already on track to incorporate new features (such as the inclusion of multiple utilities), Mogoba adds; “We’ve done a lot of brainstorming with our mentors on how we can improve the app, which has been extremely beneficial. We now need to move from concept to implementation!”

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