Portia Masimula


"I want to empower myself and others. But, more importantly, I want to create opportunities for women and girls in tech and the larger business world.​"

About Portia

What propelled me to start a business,” begins Portia Masimula of software development house, Karisani; “is that I wanted to empower myself and others and start creating a legacy. But, more importantly, I wanted to create an enabling space for women and girls in tech and the larger business world.”

Karisani is a software development house specialising in MEAN stack and Microsoft technologies. In addition, the company also provide training on React and React Native application frameworks. Since inception, Karisani, which also develops custom web and mobile applications, have launched the Allo Doc app. Allo Doc is a medical teleconsultation platform and online physical appointment. The app connects doctors and patients: “In Africa, access to healthcare remains difficult and patients in rural areas always find it challenging to reach out to the right doctors. That's where Allo Doc comes in - to make their lives simpler and better” adds Masimula.

Masimula and Karisani, which is headquartered in Cape Town, joined the Accenture ESD Programme in early 2019, which she notes has “led to us being named a SASDC certified supplier.”

“Acquiring our first client was the biggest challenge. It was difficult to gain trust from the big corporates, but we kept going with the little we had as a team” says Masimula – hard work which paid off when Karisani landed a deal with ESPN through Appy App, a major milestone for the company.

“I've already learned a lot so far in the ESDP with the supportive mentors I have been appointed, about myself as leader and about how to lead a successful team. I have been amazed how many doors Accenture has already opened for Karisani.”

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