Tumediso Lobelo

Tulo Vation

"I've always wanted to leave a legacy of solutions that will educate and empower people.​​"

About Tumediso

After 12 years in corporate, of which most were in the ICT space and with big names in the industry, Tumediso ‘Digital Queen’ Lobelo decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship. And so, Tulo Vation was born, a start-up providing cyber security training and consulting services.

As a digital advocate, speaker, facilitator, innovator and astute professional, Tumediso is truly an all-rounder in the ICT sphere, holding an Honours Degree in Information Systems, a Management & Leadership certification and various courses related to IT and business leadership. In her years before Tulo Vation, Tumediso has worked with both private and public sector clients, and with hardware and software.

Tumediso, who lives by the three simple words: passion, love and impact, has always been passionate about leveraging technology and education to positively impact and transform people’s lives; “I’ve always wanted to create an Impact – to leave a legacy of building platforms and solutions that will educate people and empower them to live a fulfilling life.”

With Tulo Vation in its second year, Tumediso was invited to join the Accenture ESD Programme, which she says has “been an amazing journey so far! Through this, I have been enrolled in a Leadership Course at Henley Business School Africa, where I am learning how to be a better leader. I’ve also been assigned an Accenture mentor, Prathna Singh, who has been a great guide and support, and who I believe is truly invested in my growth as an individual, and also as a business!”

“Some of the biggest challenges to starting up as an entrepreneur are finding the cash flow and picking the right partners. For me, being part of the Accenture ESD Programme has not only given me the opportunity to work with Accenture executives who have proposed new ways of thinking about my business model and value proposition, but more importantly - has granted me access to market.”

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