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"The journey to opening Invoke Solutions has been a steady one," tells Nthekgo Moroaswi of his now 6-year-old company, "I made the transition from independent consulting and contracting in the SAP ERP space to consulting through my own enterprise, Invoke Solutions."

As an enthusiastic self-starter, Nthekgo holds a Master of Business Information Systems, and boasts nearly two decades of experience in IT, having had his start in academia before moving into consulting.

"I thrive on opportunities and chances to do new things!" he proclaims. It’s this zest, and his passion for providing solutions to client problems, that enabled Nthekgo to grow his company to what now houses 14 staff members.

"After getting off the ground, I was able to hire support staff and other consultants that would continue to deliver to clients. This afforded me the opportunity to start focusing more on business development, while the employees continue to develop and work in the business as it grew from one offering and client to another."

Today, Invoke Consulting is the proud owner of various business solutions including, Invoke EXCO reporting which was nominated one of 6 aspiring innovation solutions in South Africa by Gartner in 2016. Invoke EXCO reporting combines quantitative data from a wide variety of sources into reports and dashboards on a platform that allows you to add commentary to live data.

"I have always had a desire to solve business problems. Invoke Solutions is the vehicle that allows me to access other skills to offer comprehensive solutions. I am proud that I am working on building a legacy, something that will live on long after I am gone" says Nthekgo.

Of the Accenture ESD programme, he adds: "I looked most forward to this as an opportunity to jointly deliver with Accenture, and to grow my cybersecurity offering. So far, I have been impressed by the programme’s holistic approach to business development."

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