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"QH Consultants aims to leverage technology to solve problems that exist within the small business sector​"

About Arthur

“I live by the words of Albert Einstein; ‘No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking’” opens QH Consulting Founder, Arthur Mahlangu. At 29 years old, Mahlangu has lived in five townships around Gauteng, is a well-versed problem-solver, and has been working on his start-up for more than two years.

“Our app, BizTweak, has been devised to ensure that other entrepreneurs do not make the same mistakes I made and that they have access to tools that I did not so that they can progress quicker. For entrepreneurs, it helps to know what they don’t know.”

To do this, BizTweak offers self-assessment tools that look at your business structure and concept to provide users with a comprehensive health check.

Further to this, Mahlangu beams on what makes his app different; “Our approach to solving problems is what will make our application stand out. It creates the opportunity for jobs, market access opportunities, and a secondary market that can integrate our platform to other existing platforms that can add value.”

“We are aware that no idea is original, but the execution always is.”

From what he expresses as multiple engagements with Accenture, Henley Business School Africa and the Lesedi Strategic Services Team while a candidate to Accenture’s ESD programme, Mahlangu comments that he has grown his network – to include other entrepreneurs who fit the target of his app, as well as potential clients and collaborators.

“The knock-on effect of [my learnings] is clearly seen in the business.”

Additionally, he says; “I have experienced a lot of personal growth and have gotten to know myself better through sessions like self-mastery, and the knock-on effect of that is clearly seen in the business.”

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