Mandla Ngcobo

Accelerit Technologies

"I want to ensure that there is connectivity for everyone, and from anywhere."

About Mandla

"I decided to go solo after working as a consultant at a telecommunications organisation," says fun-loving and creatively spirited Mandla Ngcobo; "In this time, I identified gaps in the industry, particularly in providing high-speed internet to multi-dwelling units."

From this need, Ngcobo founded Accelerit Technologies Pty Ltd, which is celebrating six years of operations, run by its 20 employees. The company offers a nationwide telecommunications network that provides fibre connectivity to student/multi-tenanted buildings.

"I wanted to help connect people. I want to ensure connectivity for everyone, and from anywhere. I saw that I could set up prepaid internet for units that house multiple tenants, such as student accommodation, on a prepaid basis. But what makes Accelerit particularly unique in the market is the fact that we absorb installation costs where we can, to ensure our services are financially accessible to more people!"

Today, Ngcobo’s company covers 10 000 users on its network.

"I was working on a project with Accenture when the Project Lead mentioned the Accenture ESD programme, and it's benefits, which led to me to join in!" tells Ngcobo; "It's been great from a development point of view. We've learnt quite a lot with regards to managing an enterprise and its resources effectively."

In addition, Ngcobo speaks about how he has met with his Accenture-appointed mentor every month, "Our mentor has been great in guiding our progress and has been an excellent sounding board to bounce ideas off." Moreover, Accelerit Technologies Pty Ltd has been appointed as one of Accenture’s network providers.

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