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The work
we do

Accenture Strategy shapes our clients’ future, combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. Our focus on issues related to digital disruption, competitive agility, operating and business model, as well as the future workforce, helps our client find future value and growth in a digital world.

WHY we are different

Accenture Strategy understands the mechanics of organizational success. We have the people, skills, insights and deep industry experience needed to shape new forms of client value. We offer highly objective points of view with emphasis on business, technology and analytics, leveraging our deep industry experience. That’s high performance, delivered.

How Will AI Change Work?

Read Mark Knickrehm’s, Group Chief Executive – Accenture Strategy, Harvard Business Review article to find out how companies should prepare the Future Workforce to thrive in a world where artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and advanced robotics make it possible for machines to take on tasks that once required a person to do them.

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How Will AI Change Work?

“75% of C-level execs say they are currently accelerating investments in #AI and #AppliedIntelligence.”

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Get distinctive points of view on the risks and opportunities facing today’s leaders and businesses.

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Our industry experience enables us to provide working strategies on the ground that shape our client’s businesses and ecosystems.

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Digital Acquisitions in Retail

Do Private Equity firms have the right skills in place for Digital Acquisitions in Retail?

Exceed expectations with extraordinary customer experiences

Humans have made M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions, an art. Adding technology makes it a science.

Tech-led M&A: From art to science

Humans have made M&A, Mergers and Acquisitions, an art. Adding technology makes it a science.

Future Workforce: Reworking the Revolution

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), business success will increasingly depend on
people and machines collaborating with each other.

The activist CFO—an opportunity not a threat

Seven fundamental elements that the activist CFO focuses on to deliver value to investors.

B2B: Better to best

B2B executives consider customer experience to be a critical factor for success. Four areas across the customer engagement lifecycle to set CX masters apart.

Adapt to survive

An agile operating model is essential for the digital age.

Put your trust in hyper-

Leaders take personalized customer
experiences to a whole new level

Excellence in medical management

The path to workers’ compensation profitability is digital

Architecting the 2025 supply chain

Is your supply chain future ready? Read the immediate steps you can take to prepare for the future supply chain.

Customer centricity in utilities

Consumer demands on utilities are far different than on most other industries because energy purchases are considered more and more as a basic commodity.

Exponential growth powered by AI

Learn how AI must evolve from being a hot new trend to a seamless enabler — woven into the fabric of the enterprise and working alongside and augmenting people.

Utilities at a crossroads:
Live in the past or conquer the future

There is a powerful opportunity for electric utilities to
use cost management and technology innovation to
improve margins and fuel growth.

HR sparks a change

A high-velocity business operating in
today’s disruption-fueled
environment requires a high-velocity

Employee experience

Learn how the employee experience
is the new battleground for
competitive advantage.

Distribution debunked
to unlock growth

Integrated distributor engagement
model for emerging markets.

Is your supply chain in a
death spiral?

Zero based supply chain: Deliver
superior supply chain performance
at the right cost while fueling growth.

What’s your company’s

Learn how companies using AI to its
full sophistication have the key to
leapfrogging competitors.

Connected wellness:
Livening-up life insurance

Evolve the life insurance value
proposition from compensation to
wellness to drive relevancy and growth.

Healthcare talent
shortage: Fact or

Learn what U.S. providers need to
know about the 2030 healthcare
future workforce.

Reroute your strategy
for last-mile delivery

It's time to rethink logistics
operations strategies to stay
competitive—before it's too late.

Live the growth dream
in Asia

Learn how companies can go digital
to unleash $4 trillion in new
consumer goods spending in Asia.

Insurance c-suite

Insurers are overlooking a major barrier
to connecting with their changing
customer base.

Multi-speed IT sourcing
strategy for high speed

It’s time for a Multi-Speed IT
Sourcing Strategy.

Life insurers' secret
weapon: behavioral

Learn how behavioral economics
can drive middle market growth in
life insurance.

The right chemistry for

The chemical industry is affected by
economic cyclicality with volatile
customer demand and fluctuating
raw material prices.

Make music, not noise

Achieve connected growth with
ecosystem orchestration.

Gen Z rising - Global

How can employers show new graduates the benefits of a
large company experience before these potential
employees make their first job choice?

Shaping the agile

Businesses must be agile to succeed in
this changing world. And an agile
business requires an agile workforce.

Moore...or less?

Semiconductor companies can keep
pace with Moore’s Law. The
question is whether they should.

Are city shoppers
getting secondhand

Consumer packaged goods
companies are overlooking growth
opportunities in developed market

Fueling the next shale

Unconventional oil and gas must
maintain their focus on optimizing
efficiencies and oil-well economics.

Zeroing out the past

Zero-based organization designs the
right operating model needed to fuel

Automation in consumer
goods: People led,
technology enabled

Consumer packaged goods (CPG)
multinationals must embrace digital
disruption as fully as their people are.

End of the local telecom
store? Not so fast...

The days of Telecom retail stores
driving communication service
provider (CSP) company growth are


Acquisitions are a key element of our inorganic growth strategy. Through targeted acquisitions, we will expand and strengthen our capabilities and accelerate bringing new services and expertise to our clients. Recently, we have made acquisitions to increase our industry capabilities as well as to help our client improve their competitiveness.



NXP Semiconductors is driving
innovation in the secure connected, end
to end security & privacy and smart
connected solutions market.

Pharmaceutical company

Multinational pharmaceutical,
consumer health.


A sustainability management
solution for performance and


Helping advance Ashoka’s mission
to support social entrepreneurs

Escorts Group

A strategy to build market share

Sydney Water

Creating a clear, actionable link between
the company’s strategy and a practical
transformation roadmap

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Join a new kind of strategy consulting firm. One that operates at the intersection of business and technology. Combining a deep level of functional and industry expertise with an unrivalled understanding of technology and an analytics-led approach, we’re devising innovative strategies that unlock value and create real impact for our clients and the world around us. For you, this means unique opportunities to grow and build your career in the new digital economy.