Break new ground. Innovate at pace and scale.

At our Perth Innovation Hub, we harness the untapped energy of advanced technologies and holistic design to help natural resources industries continuously transform, compete and grow through innovation.

The Hub provides a unique space and facilitates the time to explore and re-think value for your people, organization, stakeholders and communities. We do this through the lens of our industry purpose: Triple Zero (Zero Loss, Zero Harm and Zero Waste). We create personalized experiences to explore the concepts, see the tools, play with our assets and learn from others.

We also recognize that often the best ideas come from the frontline. Our Mobile Innovation Studio can be deployed to the heart of your operations—even in the most remote regions of Australia. This mobile ‘Box’ enables us to facilitate discussions and prompt experimentation with those working on the very edges of innovation.



What to expect

The Perth Innovation Hub is your front door to access our local talent and global network of expertise, with a wide range of diverse skills and experiences. You will plug directly into our Innovation Architecture, ranging from technology labs and global research to ecosystem ventures.


Imagine your new reality

  • Collaborate with great minds with diverse perspectives and expertise across industry + disciplines
  • Explore next generation insights in Industry X.0, Future Workforce, Digital, DARQ technologies, Cyber Resilience + Applied Intelligence
  • Think through the possibilities of your new reality and define your purpose and journey


Explore ideas inside and out

  • Participate in immersive experiences that bring ideas + technology to life in realistic, re-imagined scenarios
  • Be bold beyond your comfort zone to see things from an alternative perspective, to challenge the norms
  • Experiment with technology and holistic design to evolve ideas from the inside out and the outside in


Scale and sustain the value you seek

  • Scale to unlock trapped value. Determine your digital ROI, sensitivities and how to accelerate benefits
  • Engage with our global Innovation Architecture to define a roadmap + scale ideas
  • Connect with our ecosystem partners to see what exists, is in development or already at scale here or elsewhere

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A Triple Zero Purpose

With less than a decade to deliver outcomes, our purpose inspires and compels us. With our clients and partners, we want to explore every idea to make it a reality. Our ambition is to help our clients realize their future of Triple Zero—for the environment, people, assets and communities.

Zero Harm

  • Safeguarding human health and wellbeing
  • Protection of machines, assets and critical infrastructure
  • Building resilience against cyber attacks
  • Sustaining community and social trust

Zero Loss

  • End to end visualization of losses and optimization
  • Capital projects ROI and Return on Digital Investment (RODI)
  • Manufacturing mindset and continuous improvement

Zero Waste

  • Climate, sustainability and energy and water efficiency
  • Recycling, recovering and re-valuing waste
  • Circular economies and marketplaces where users actively participate

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To learn more about Triple Zero, listen to this podcast with Ann Burns, Accenture’s Resources Lead, Australia and New Zealand.

Choose your experience

The DARQ side

Optimizing operations and processes for smarter ways of working.

Out of harm’s way

Enabling zero harm by keeping people, assets and processes safe.

A perfect circle

How can we create wealth from waste so that we start with value and end with value?

Nothing to lose

Finding and eliminating loss across the value chain.


What do increasingly sophisticated, automated systems in mining operations mean for the workforce?

Think. See. Do.

Enabling a more intelligent ‘frictionless' enterprise that is focussed on user experience.

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